406 – June Two Monthly Grocery haul | Supply run | Big Winter Stock up!  – Off Grid Australia

406 – June Two Monthly Grocery haul | Supply run | Big Winter Stock up! – Off Grid Australia

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Hey Everyone! Groceries for nine weeks! There’s some treats in there but plenty of our staples too, some extras for the shelves …

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  1. @mustlovedogs5569
    @mustlovedogs5569 says:

    Think a rotation of taking an older child with you would be beneficial to you and them. Without them getting out much they need to learn how and where to do things in society and experience being around shops and large groups of people to help them be successful in life. Giving them lists or the camera and involve a bit of math learning in it or writing about the experience. Are they involved in homeschool groups?

  2. @dawncampbell4221
    @dawncampbell4221 says:

    Nyssa, I noticed in your grocery haul you use gem of the West Bakers flour. Is that the standard one or the strong protein one and is it what you use for all your dough making? I bought a 12.5kg bag here in Townsville, not as cheap as your buy though. I rang Manildra flour and the guy down there suggested adding bread improver to it when making bread. Just wondering what you do and your thoughts as your breads always look incredible

  3. @user-qw1mu5ux4e
    @user-qw1mu5ux4e says:

    Hello you should try and get to town on the 31st of a month. get 10% off that day and then go back the next day for your top up shops and get the other 10% off for the next month. Seeing you only go once every 2nd month you are missing out on your discounts. hope that makes sense 🙂

  4. @craftedbykittens
    @craftedbykittens says:

    ok Nysssa I know that you worry that you do'n produce enough content but i have done the Maths you put out 18 food prep videos between the last haul and the shop with me video and that means that you did at least 2 videos a week. that is a fairly amazing schedule if you ask me.

  5. @cherylpritchard1873
    @cherylpritchard1873 says:

    Hi Nessa as always a brilliant job I used to blanc my veg I don't anymore as like you I found it went mushy I just clean it and put in in a freezer bag and freeze it loving you're channel 🥰🌹

  6. @Char-lei
    @Char-lei says:

    I spend almost as much as you feeding 3 of us! But I do have a bad habit of going to the grocery store daily and it's hard to buy stuff in bulk because I don't have much storage space . Weirdly (or not) I found it easier to feed 5 when all the kids were home although things were cheaper 7 years ago too. You are an absolute marvel when it comes to feeding the fam!

  7. @donnapalaussie19
    @donnapalaussie19 says:

    Oh wow that’s quite a haul love but I guess it’s for a couple of months or so 😊the price of groceries is beyond ridiculous! I’ve started shopping at Aldi more often and have noticed quite a price difference to what I would spend at Coles or Woolies with an average saving of $15-$20 per week. I do buy a few bits and bobs from the duopoly that I can’t get at Aldi but there is a notable difference.
    Thanks for sharing, that was really interesting love.
    Catch you next time

  8. @susanmontgomery1104
    @susanmontgomery1104 says:

    Nyssa, I love how you do a breakdown of your grocery bill. I feel for you and your family on the cost of the groceries that are through the roof! Families are suffering everywhere trying to feed their families. Maybe the way you shop will help others shop and save money. Loved how the Guinea’s gathered for a feeding and kept up with you 😅😂TFS!!!❤

  9. @sharonburling2262
    @sharonburling2262 says:

    Im not a fan of sweet potato either. It tastes too much like pumpkin! What a huge grocery haul! I hope everyone helped put it all away! Daryl is a sweetheart cooking tea for you all and fixing up the kitchen for you! You wont know yourself with this new oven! Enjoy some downtime!

  10. @Nilesedge
    @Nilesedge says:

    I used to roast sweet potato cubes with garlic powder, salt, pepper and paprika until they’re kind of crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and then put bolognese sauce on them, delicious!

  11. @lynneanthony168
    @lynneanthony168 says:

    Nyssa if grocery shopping was an Olympic sport you'd win the Gold hands down!! Mad respect for all of the time it takes not just to get it all but to then lay it ALL out and film for us. Watching all your ads forever!! Cheers 😊

  12. @doobs444
    @doobs444 says:

    Nyssa, it sounds a lot but as you said you had to replace stuff in your pantry and shelves, at the end of the day if it’s being used it’s just a normal expense, so glad you were able to get extra rice milk and other things cause you struggle to get some things some months, enjoy your extras and experiments in the creamy. Take care Snookums 😊

  13. @countrymousesfarmhouse497
    @countrymousesfarmhouse497 says:

    These shopping hauls are incredible. Very well done . So much good food, fantastic prices on many (that garlic and ginger paste!) And most of all , the organisational skills you have are amazing! The filming of all those loaded tables is huge, then editing and breaking it down to teach how. 😮Thank you for sharing lovely 🥰🥰P.s. goonbag 😂😂

  14. @terriclark1659
    @terriclark1659 says:

    I love watching your food halls. I'm trying to figure out what the heck is porridge? I literally thought it was Just in kids fairy tales. It's just crazy cause over here, it's summer and over there is winter❄⛄

  15. @user-qd2wd7ns9uAnnie
    @user-qd2wd7ns9uAnnie says:

    Oh my goodness, just finished watching your HUGE HAUL… OMG NYSSA… wow , it will be so interesting and exciting the next few video's.. Yeah !!! Yipee !!!!
    Nyssa you are allowed to buy a few indulgent items every shop for yourself Daryl and the kids..
    You dont go out , no weekly takeaways etc… I hope you enjoy them.. just wondering are you worn out after that shopping expedition 😅….well done , thankgod for the thermo!!!! For the grating.. 👏👏


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