4 Ultra-Satisfying Baked Potato Toppings (You'll be full and happy, trust me).

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4 Ultra-Satisfying Baked Potato Toppings (All measurements are approximate) Topping 1: Creamy Mushroom – 1 onion – 2 lbs …

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  1. STVG71
    STVG71 says:

    I like the idea of adding the olive oil and salt at the end. I usually add at the beginning but sometimes the skin it too done. I'll be giving the mushroom topping a try for sure. Thanks!

  2. Alex John
    Alex John says:

    I have to share with you guys how we make baked potato in Balkan area. Fill them with bacon and garlic, then cook them. When they're done, put some kaymak on it (don't know if that exists in Canada, sorry. Is sort of a milk fat salty stuff. Pretty tasty!). A poor's people version of what I just saw! Sh…t now I'm hungry, I think I'm gonna make it tonight!

  3. A'ahen
    A'ahen says:

    Lool I also use the sweet chilli sauce instead of sugar in savory stuff most of the time..my family sometimes are too offended by how sweet of an angle a dish takes so I just stick to using that. I do wish brands had a little better garlic/chilli flavor in it though, most of the time it tastes like a sweet milder ketchup lol.

  4. Glenda Hingley
    Glenda Hingley says:

    That baked potato shop in Edinburgh was such a highlight of that trip! I don't remember what toppings we had but it sure was good and a full meal all by itself. And who would have thought of something like tuna salad or egg salad (called egg "mayonnaise" there I think?) on a potato!

  5. Erin Chamberlain
    Erin Chamberlain says:

    I am not a good sleeper. I watched this after waking up at 3:30am and I'm starving lol. This looks so, so good, especially the mushroom and the curry. I have a couple potatoes sitting around and I think I know what I'm making for lunch. Thanks for sharing with us ❤️

  6. nsmellowyellow
    nsmellowyellow says:

    Nothing better than a potato baked until the skin is crispy and slather it with butter, mmm. But baked potatoes, when I was growing up, were always a side, and that's kinda how I've always viewed them. This just makes the humble baked potato the star and opens up sooo many ways for it to be a whole meal. Whether you're a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, like you said the possibilities are endless! Thanks for another great video!

  7. Bryan Mcwhirter
    Bryan Mcwhirter says:

    Absolutely no limits here. I'm sure there must be a hundred Irish potato recipes and other cuisines with potatoes, Peruvian, Mexican, an endless list Lets hear more of this please!! Thankyou!

  8. LooMinn
    LooMinn says:

    Paula, isn't poutine a favorite national dish in Canada? p.s. Really enjoy your videos .They're relatively not too difficult to prepare and your delivery is so down to earth and free of any pomposity.

  9. kaiju k
    kaiju k says:

    I feel as if you read my mind, I have two russet potatoes looking at me from my kitchen counter and I was kinda craving a baked potato today. Love your topping bar of options, what a fun new way to spruce up dinner, the mushroom sauce, omgosh yes.


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