30-MINUTE DINNERS | 5 of the BEST QUICK & EASY Weeknight Meals! | What's For Dinner? | Julia Pacheco


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30 MINUTE DINNERS | WEEKNIGHT MEALS MADE EASY | QUICK TASTY RECIPES | LET”S GET COOKING!! Today we have 5 tasty thirty-minute meals to …
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  1. Angelino
    Angelino says:

    I absolutely love your channel! I’m a single dad, and sometimes after being at the office for 10-11 hours, I come home exhausted. However, your recipes help me out so much when I have limited time to prepare dinner. My daughter [17], and son [13] have cooked your recipes as well and they love it. Thank you, and keep up the great work! 🙏🏼 Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃

  2. Patience Rush
    Patience Rush says:

    And Julia does it once again😍😍😍 just like she always does, and I will always be thankful for your simple, versatile, and delicious recipes and let me just say that these ones are so great for the cold weather that's on its way, and it makes trips to the grocery store quick and easy because there aren't many things you have to get to make these awesome recipes that you have taken the time to share with everyone! I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family! From my family to yours Julia, Happy Thanksgiving ❤️🦃🍴P.S. those pork chops have got my mouth watering!!!

  3. Abygail
    Abygail says:

    Thanks so much once again Julia for the amazing recipes and the enthusiasm in each video. I really appreciate everything you're doing. You really motivate me to cook. It's rare when I don't try ur recipes. Keep up the great work. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family. We love you ❤🙏

  4. Vibe with Domms
    Vibe with Domms says:

    Hey hey!! Thank you for sharing such simple recipes with us 🙂 you’ve helped me learn how to cook more & is also helping us save so much money on our meals instead of eating out all the time. Such a life saver!! God bless you 💖


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