3 MEALS from 3 COUNTRIES I've NEVER cooked before! 😳🤨

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  1. 張喻琁
    張喻琁 says:

    I love your videos. There is one Taiwanese traditional meal called "braised pork rice" and it also has vegan version. You will definitely love the soy sauce flavor..

  2. mariam123
    mariam123 says:

    love your videos <3 <3 try georgian traditional spinach, beetroot, carrot and eggplant pkhali with the walnuts and seasonings, vegan khinkali, mchadi, lobiani (which is made from seasoned beans indide the dough), tarragon pie, ajapsandali (stewed egglant with veggies), Georgian risoto called shilaplavi, Red pepper stuffed with walnuts , ghomi and tkemali, Mkhlovani – Delicious pie with herb filling.. good luck <3 wish u all the best!! watching from Georgia 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  3. Kristina J.
    Kristina J. says:

    If you take a huge sip of cold water, and keep cold water in your mouth and under your tongue while chopping onions, it helps. I don't know why, it just does. These recipes look amazing!

  4. Mora Silva
    Mora Silva says:

    Hi Maya! I loved all the dishes ☺️
    Next time you should try making “empanadas”, they’re a traditional Argentinian dish that it’s very versatile, since it consists of a cooked dough filled with whatever you prefer: vegetables and cheese, “meat”/“chicken”, etc. You can fry them, or make them in the oven.
    Love form Argentina <3

  5. Bushra Soliman
    Bushra Soliman says:

    Please try Kabsa from Saudi Arabia it's a very famous dish served as lunch. Also, try foul from Egypt served as breakfast it's already vegan😋💕
    You are my favourite cook 👏🏻👏🏻


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