2kk Weekly Live | Answering your Keto/Carnivore Questions

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  1. silent runner
    silent runner says:

    REAL camping, late 1960s, Canyonlands National Park. Camp sites marked with a row of rocks, no water, and an outhouse with a couple of trees for shade. The only other people there pulled out as we were setting up. Nearest people(gas and water), Moab, Utah, 60 miles away. Family of 6 in a big station wagon with a car top tent for 3 to sleep in. After supper made a short hike to the canyon edge and watched the sunset over the canyons as far as the eye could see. Crystal clear cloudless blue sky, night lit by the moon, stars, a gas lantern and a small camp fire. Deep into the wilderness, beautiful. God's country.

  2. Dawn Does Keto
    Dawn Does Keto says:

    I was under the impression that glucose polymers were a non soluble dietary fiber. We do like zipp fizz and don’t drink it every day. I would be curious how it affects you. Also, Joe…I tried to email you but by message got booted back. I have some questions about boondocking. We are taking our new travel trailer to Utah to see Chris and Miriam in May. We are using Harvest Hosts and as you know they don’t usually have any hookup. Just wanted your opinion on something. Thanks!

  3. Marie H. Blankenship
    Marie H. Blankenship says:

    I have not been able to use your keto chow discount code with any order I placed this year. I have tried entering – 2krazyketos, which is what I use to enter. And I have tried using your link in the show notes. Neither has worked, so I used another channels discount code. I still try yours first every time I order since you guys turned me on to keto chow. Just thought you might want to know as it may happen to others as well. Love you both and your content 💙

  4. Jamie Woytasik
    Jamie Woytasik says:

    I'm upfront and unapologetic about what I eat. 95% of the time I am keto. Overall, 90+% of my diet is meat. The other 5% of the time I eat things that are not even close to keto. I know what it does to my body, not much, but it helps recharge me mentally and I have no problem going back to eating healthy. I am in no place to judge others for what they choose to eat. The best diet is the one that you can maintain. If that means an occasional cheat meal, so be it. Ideally I would only eat meat but I like some veggies and fruits. Sometimes it is nice to have a desert or a slice of pizza. I rule my food choices, they no longer rule me.

  5. Denise M
    Denise M says:

    The issue you are talking about with Covid-19 is called Parosmia. I have been dealing with issues with taste and smell for going on 2 years. It was really bad in the beginning but in the last 3-4 months things are getting better. It takes a while for the damage to the olfactory nerves to heal.


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