20 Minute Korean Chicken Noodle Soup That Will Change Your LIFE! l Dak Kalguksu

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  1. Keiome Nikke
    Keiome Nikke says:

    I love the chaotic good teaching style Aaron uses xD "use a hair dryer instead of pressing tofu; if your wife kills you, that's a personal problem!" but also "use whatever mushrooms you want.. no except for picking up and eating random things off the ground outside, you absolute toddlers."

  2. Delores DeVictoria
    Delores DeVictoria says:

    I made this tonight and really enjoyed it! I made a mistake with the noodles. I thought you only had to rinse the fresh noodles. My dry noodles didn’t cook right and some stuck together. But I was able to fix it. I would make this again! I think I would take off the chicken skin though. Not my favorite. And the chili sauce made it yummy!

  3. Jason Faust
    Jason Faust says:

    Yo, dude! So, get this—my homegirl was kinda down in the dumps, right? So, I whipped up this bomb soup that warmed her right up. When she hit me with the "Where'd you learn this recipe?" I just pointed to the legend, Chef Aaron. The guy's a total kitchen ninja, and his recipes are like pure magic, man!💯💯

  4. Gizmo lover
    Gizmo lover says:

    How did you read my mind? I have thawed chicken in the fridge and no recipe in mind – until now! Hopefully it will taste almost as delicious since I only have chicken breasts

  5. Mike Z
    Mike Z says:

    I wish he would make a video about Korea and Sweet potatoes. Can't find a good and easy sweet potato recipe for Korean food. He barely mentions it in the cookbook

  6. Konrad C.
    Konrad C. says:

    What can you use insetad of those noodles? I live far far far from any Asian supermarkets and online ordering is out of the question, we only have italian noodles in the store here, is there anything to substitute it with?

  7. PinkMonkeyBird
    PinkMonkeyBird says:

    I’ve been eating a lot of soup lately and have been looking for soup recipes that are time and effort savers but still taste great. I’m getting tired of soaking beans for hours and creating my own stock from scraps and bones. I’ll definitely give this one a try, just without the chilis. Thanks for posting.


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