20 Lunches From The 1970s That Remind Us Of Family Time!

20 Lunches From The 1970s That Remind Us Of Family Time!

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20 Lunches From The 1970s That Remind Us Of Family Time! #lunches #forgotten #nostalgia Curious about those once-beloved …

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  1. @Nanetteb
    @Nanetteb says:

    The spaghetti o’s did.I had that for lunch or when I needed to eat something soon when dinner is cooked and when there wasn’t anything g else but that as a kid.

  2. @janetsmith7895
    @janetsmith7895 says:

    I don't know about anyone else, but I still make pretty much all of theses recipes still good and delicious not real sure wre there getting there information from 😅😮😊

  3. @kirahastings9900
    @kirahastings9900 says:

    In the 1950s, Catholics weren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays, so there were a lot of tuna casseroles and fish sticks. I still keep a can of sardine filets in the fridge and once in a while have liverwurst. My mother liked pickled pigs' feet, but I'd never touch them.

  4. @rebeccajustis8826
    @rebeccajustis8826 says:

    Some of the accompanying pictures don't match the copy and you did 'head cheese twice, not mentioning the 'Chicken Liver & Grits' at all. I don't know where you get this information, but as a 'baby boomer,' I find it somewhat inaccurate. Incidentally, we're having Tuna Mac-N-Cheese' tonight for dinner

  5. @clarsach29
    @clarsach29 says:

    Some of these recipes (chicken pot pie, pot roast etc…) aren't really suited to modern fast lunches eaten at your desk in 20 minutes….but they still make excellent dinner dishes. I am not even American but I make chicken pot pie sometimes (swap out most of the cream for gelatin to make it healthier, and swap out the flaky pastry for a buttermilk biscuit topping- yum!)

  6. @Blrtech77
    @Blrtech77 says:

    A great video and alas I still eat some of the lunches on your list. They're still tasty and relatively inexpensive. Thanks! BTW the chicken livers and grits you get a repeat of the head cheese.


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