2 Easy Sheet Pan Dinner Ideas for Vegetarian and Vegan Diet | Roasted Vegetables Sides for Dinner

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2 Easy Sheet Pan Dinner Ideas for Vegetarian and Vegan Diet. Wholesome and Nutritious Roasted Vegetable Sides for dinner, …

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  1. Food Impromptu
    Food Impromptu says:

    Hello Friends! 😊 Hope you all are going great! Here's a compilation from 2 of my older videos. The videography may not be up to my current abilities, but I wanted to reshare these recipes that I'm very proud of and are delicious.
    You can find the individual links for the recipe videos in the description box (for a detailed written recipe)

  2. ElinT13
    ElinT13 says:

    I love to watch you cook, thanks so much for your videos! I only have the problem that I cannot eat any onions (including leeks). Would you happen to have a vegetarian or vegan recipe without onions? I know that is a very specific request, so maybe you won't have time to comply, since you will probably receive many other request, and – naturally – that is okay. Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!

  3. Kumar Neeraj
    Kumar Neeraj says:

    मैं यू ट्यूब पर पहला वीगन चैनल देख रहा हूँ इस तरह का,
    बाक़ी दुनिया तो ज़्यादातर माशाहार की ही विडियो बना रही है
    आप निसंदेह बधाई के पात्र है 👍👍🙏🙏

  4. Joan DB
    Joan DB says:

    I’ve got the verges and spices etc ready to cook later in the day, I’ll let you know what the family think of this delicious looking recipe. 😊

    Well I’ve cooked this meal and it was absolutely delicious. My son and I loved it. Thank you. 😋😊

  5. Sarah Harold
    Sarah Harold says:

    Much appreciated. Any sheet pan recipes or one pot are perfect. My family love it not just the food & great flavour but especially as I’m more available to them Many thanks 😊 ❤ 🙏

  6. JaguarSoundBlaster
    JaguarSoundBlaster says:

    Once again, another beautiful video and beautiful-looking food. Everytime you make a video, I feel compelled to comment because this is more like art that should be appreciated! Also! I kid you not, I was just laying down before roasting some veggies and came across this vid! ❤

  7. Sanjay Harsh
    Sanjay Harsh says:

    Mam saw this video now and liked it very much one small doubt can I steam the vegetables partially and then go as per your way of doing? that way I feel there will be some amount of softness in the veggies instead of being fully crunchy think it over please post your comment thanks god bless you and your family

  8. The Thrifty Fawn
    The Thrifty Fawn says:

    Oh wow, TWO RECIPES!!! 😃 The second one had me drooling… there should be a warning on these videos: "bibs highly recommended" lol.

    Looking forward to showing this to my best friend and trying it out, particularly the second recipe! Thanks again for such beautiful work, and for supporting the health and happiness of your viewers. 😊

  9. catboy721
    catboy721 says:

    These are both beautiful. I often roast with olive oil and seasonings, but it didn't occur to me to combine everything into a sort of marinade. Question — does it help to leave the vegetables to soak up the marinade before baking?


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