1950's Rice Custard Made In The Instant Pot

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This is a delicious custard made in the Instant Pot after a little trial and error to get the settings right. Below is the recipe and instructions: 2 cups scalded whole …

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  1. Joe Kessler
    Joe Kessler says:

    Just learned of Phyllis's passing last Saturday and this video came up when I searched for rice pudding in instant pot. She's now happy with Mr. Bucky in Heaven. Love and Peace, Phyllis.

  2. Janet Browning
    Janet Browning says:

    I'll made this for sure, just like most of your other recipes here; but I'm in "Ms. Phyllis withdrawl" right now…I so miss & love you my dear, sweet gf. I pray for you every day; I want you well again, so we can all see your beautiful face. Just know I think of you every day & I come here to check & see if you're back yet. I most of all pray too, that your sister is still with you, to help you through all of this; Bless your sister too, sweetie. Blessings, hugs & love to you. 😊🙏💖

  3. Cynthia Baker
    Cynthia Baker says:

    That blender works BEST in a measuring cup. You want the sides higher than than the vessel is wide. That recipe looks delicious. I am going to try that just as soon as I get to the store and buy some eggs.

  4. Carole Kinsey
    Carole Kinsey says:

    I love my hand held blender, but I only use it to make smooth soups.
    I'd stick with a whisk, electric or the good old wire, hand wisk type you used, for this sort if recipe . My husbands favourite pudding is rice pudding. So in keen to try this version out. I love the thought of the softness of the rice custard and the crunch of pecans.
    It made me giggle when you asked where your spatula was, as I answered you without thinking. I don't know Phyllis, where did you put it? Thanks for sharing. X
    Still looking through your past tutorials while your recovering…just how many are there😘😀. 👋x

  5. Jacki C
    Jacki C says:

    I might have ate some of that topping….I want some of this. I can smell it clear up here! Gosh I hope you are doing ok and I am praying for you sweet lady ❤️

  6. Gaia Calls
    Gaia Calls says:

    Phyllis try red rice and fenugreek and liquorice powder and slippery elm powder these are superfoods you will benefit from reverse aging with these power … let me know if you want me to send more superfood and increase your healing abilities…

  7. Phyllis Bell
    Phyllis Bell says:

    Mom made what she called Rice Pudding. It had the same ingredients. She put raisins in it too, but she didn't put a nut topping on it. I still make rice pudding.
    I have one of those stick blenders. You need something tall and narrow to blend in. I like to use a pint or quart jar, depending on the amount i'm blending.

  8. Deborah Sperrazza
    Deborah Sperrazza says:

    I use your mixer as an emulsifier in soups or to liquify certain solids. I do NOT like how it performs with true liquids. And I would use it to make salad dressings, as you mentioned, but only if I were incorporating mayonaise or avocado into it. Otherwise too much liquid results in a messy shower rather than a time-saver in the kitchen.

  9. Suanne Dorman
    Suanne Dorman says:

    Hi Phyllis,. I had an immersion blender and it's great for salad dressings but use a pint size canning jar instead of a measuring cup. They really are nice once you get the hang of it.

  10. ethel newberry
    ethel newberry says:

    My Mother used to make this during the Second World War, but she had to use much less sugar, as it was rationed. I can remember her using Kayro Syrup when sugar was really low in the bag of sugar, just enough for Daddy's coffee. I'm pretty sure that version came out before the 1950's. In those days it was baked in the oven in the old "Pyrex Oven Proof Dish." Your Custard Rice looked so much like hers…so I absolutely know it is delicious…right down to the last scrape of the spoon to the dish. She would make that for me if I got sick. I still make it in today's world for Holiday's. I think you and my Mother must have attended the same cooking school, because I see you cooking so many dishes in the same manner she did. LOL!!! You have taken me back in time at least seventy five plus years with what you do in the kitchen. Regarding your new cooker, maybe a couple of pliers, may help if there is room to get them in there…Or possibly…tie some very strong cord to each end of the lifting handles and drape it across the top of the container. You have the aluminum foil protecting the pudding, so it may be alright. My heart was practically in my mouth as I watched you improvise with the two spoons to lift it out. I was so afraid you would burn yourself, but you didn't…thank God. I don't think the manufacturer paid much attention to the safety features for those who cook. If that were me, I would either take it back to the store with the bill, and get my money back, or write the manufacturer and voice concerns over the lack of a simple safety feature of having/needing longer handles, and see what they say. Anyway, thanks for the beautiful Custard Rice you made for us. E.N., 11/30/'18.

  11. Dana Seaman
    Dana Seaman says:

    As others have said, you need a deeper pot or mason jar for the immersion blender. I mean – who wants to scoop an entire pot of (hot) soup into a blender to puree it? The immersion blender takes care of that wee problem nicely!
    Oh my! My Grandma used to make homemade custard (I can't remember is she used a pressure cooker or not … I'm thinking not. But was it ever tasty! I'm definitely going to make this in my IP!

  12. Vikki Byington
    Vikki Byington says:

    Thanks for sharing an Instant Pot recipe. I just purchased one last week and haven’t tried it yet. I live alone so I love soups, stews, casseroles etc and the like that can be used as leftovers or frozen. Going to try this recipe…I love rice any way it is served. Mama used to make white rice with butter and sugar. Then I moved to Louisiana and they eat rice like we here in a TN eat potatoes. So I learned that I loved rice sweet or savory. This rice pudding reminds me of my precious Daddy who loved rice pudding and bread pudding. Hope you’ll have more Instant Pot recipes. Speaking of rice…a favorite of mine is chicken and rice. Want to try that in my Instant Pot as well. Thank you again my You Tube friend. Your videos keep me from being lonely many times. 💜💜🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Cindy Kinney
    Cindy Kinney says:

    Hi Miss Phyllis. This was a great video. I have a hand-held immersion blender as well and I find they are fantastic if you're making some kind of soup or stew or chowder and you want to thicken it a bit by blending some of the cooked vegetables. Try to think of using it as you would if you needed to put something hot in your blender to process it down. They work great for processing a can of whole tomatoes. I don't necessarily like the texture of chopped canned tomatoes, so I just put my immersion blender right down in the opened can of whole tomatoes, all the way until it hits the bottom, and let it whisk, in tiny pulses so the tomatoes don't end up as tomato juice. The key or secret to using these immersion blenders is the round part at the bottom that does all the blending has to be totally submersed in liquid or you'll always get what happened to you the first time you tried to use it in this video. It will go everywhere. They work extremely well if you're making broccoli cheese soup. Just go slow and allow the machine to do what it's made to do. It will work well for making homemade salad dressings or sauces if you use a tall vessel such as a mason jar or cleaned mayonnaise jar. After all the great tips and tricks I've learned from you, I hope this one helps you. One other thing; I purchased a set of grippers for my Instant Pot at Amazon and I love them. Search Amazon or the Internet for TOPOKO Stainless Steel Clip Retriever Tongs For Hot Bowl or Pot [Random 2-Pack] . I believe I paid around $10 for my set. They lock down, so you don't have to worry about the handles or the inner liner falling as you're lifting, and they are good for other hot things and not just for the Instant Pot.

  14. PJ D
    PJ D says:

    For the handheld unit, use a jug to mix your milk etc., or a tall ice-cream bowl for mixing things! Yes you're right higher sided containers work the best. When making your mayonnaise find a jar the the blender fits into the top with a bit of room to spare and tall if you ca too, and make your dressings in that jar.

    For the IP take a length of foil longer the the bowl you are using, fold it over three times to make a sling, place the sling on the table/bench then put bowl on top in the center and lower it into the IP and fold it into the center cook what you have in there, when done just lift it out with the sling, and do be careful, as it all is HOT, and try not to lift it too far away from IP to set it down, hope that makes sense Phyllis, I love rice custard/pudding, looks yummy!

  15. Marijane
    Marijane says:

    Oh Phyllis, this video was just hilarious! I love the way you “learn as you go” and share it with us. I know I would be making the same mistakes you did but you saved me the time of making them! I have been using a pressure cooker for years and will be interested to see if the Presto recipe (cooking for 4 min.) works on mine and just add more time if needed. One of your viewers mentioned using tin foil strips to make kind of straps to lower and raise the bowl…great tip! Also, I have an immersion blender that came with a tall, narrow container to use for smaller quantities but I really don’t use it that often. My Vitamix just does a better job of pureeing things.


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