#167 WIE Here's day 1! I will keep recording what I eat high fat till y'all have some good ideas!

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Coffee: 1 egg, 1 1/2 Tbsp Butter, 1 1/2 Tbsp Coconut oil, iodine, pinch of salt and 12 oz coffee blended. Salmon: Spray or coat with …

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  1. Laurie Carlson
    Laurie Carlson says:

    Amy, you ALREADY look thinner!!! Your face, especially!!! OR your body composition is changing!!!! You look GREAT!!!!!
    I always did wonder why you got on the high protein kick??? I'm NOT criticizing AT ALL!!!! Noooo!!! But I know you and many others were prioritizing protein, but it did seem to stall almost everyone who did get onto that . . . I'm NO PRO there!!! Farrrrr from it!!! I kept following Dr. Berry and ALL his advice and stuck with the high fat . . . however I DO and STILL DO enjoy the PSMF bread!!!! Oh, do I EVER!!! I do add fats to mine and when I go to eat it I add MORE fat!!! That bread can be addicting! Lol!!! However, it's been FOREVER since I've had ANY type of bread as I do not like almond or coconut flours! I've been Keto since 2016, and more Ketovore over the last few years now….it's no surprise that I am LOVING this bread!!! With that being said, my nails and hair ARE stronger!! Major plus there!!!! I still keep my fat HIGH!!!! Always have! I am at EASY maintenance now at 110 lbs. "I" did not 'choose' this weight! Not at all! My BODY chose this weight!!! Yes!!!! Wowowow!!!! I've NEVER been below 125 lbs without starving myself, and now I FEED myself and get STUFFED!!!! Total night and day difference!!! LOVE it!!! I've NEVER been THIS lean in my LIFE!!!!
    I AM taking some more tips from watching what you are eating in a day! I LOVE these videos! Please DO keep sharing!!! I NEED to try the egg in my coffee!!! I've yet to do that, and I so want to!!!
    Anyway, you are looking even MORE beautiful!!!! An AWESOME journey you are on and I very much enjoy watching you do it and I am picking up more tips myself as well! Thank you also for introducing us to Dr. Boz!!! Wow!!! At least for those of us who have never heard of her!!! I've NEVER heard of her before, so thank you sooooo much for sharing her with us! I cannot wait for more!!!!! And I am a NEW follower of hers now as well!!!

  2. Joan E
    Joan E says:

    How do you pasteurize eggs? Do you have a video on this? I have a compromised immune system, am 78, so it is a concern of mine, thanks for your videos.

  3. Laura Wagner
    Laura Wagner says:

    What do you feed your chickens Amy? I’d like to get some again but I’d want to keep them grain free. Just not sure how expensive that would be or if it’s even worth it.

  4. Maria Souther
    Maria Souther says:

    I've been doing Keto now for about a year and a half. I finally broke my stall this week and have reached 100 lb loss! But even though I have decreased my protein and increased fat I am having a very hard time increasing my ketone numbers. I'm constantly between .4-1 but don't get much above that even with fasting. Dr Boz said in her book that as you get fat adapted your readings do go down. I'm wondering if I should be concerned or just go with the flow. I still need to drop 20-30 lbs. I guess I just need some encouragement and reassurance that I'm doing this right. Thank you for these recipes! I can't wait to try them.💜

  5. Lorna Spencer
    Lorna Spencer says:

    I take Lugol’s iodine drops M-F. I get empty capsules on Amazon, and I put the drops into the capsules. Easy peasy, and iodine can stain your teeth. So that is why I use capsules. I am up to 60 drops/ day. A good book is The Iodine Crisis by Lynn Farrow

  6. Christine Adams
    Christine Adams says:

    I’m giving this protocol a go. Been stalling/sliding up on meat-heavy ketovore (although I love it). My mouth tastes metallic today (= ketosis for me). Also, this hollandaise sauce is a revelation. I was watching your video right before breaking my fast today, so I whipped up a batch to drizzle over my crispy pork belly. Hallelujah!

  7. Karen Hoff
    Karen Hoff says:

    Was that Mayo on top of the salmon? I have to try the parm trick in the frying pan. Thanks for showing this. I needed to see how to get more fat in. The most I get in is around 80. So far no real weight loss in 5 days. Amy, question on when to check my numbers in the AM. If I wake up before the 12 hours from eating dinner and the morning should I test then or wait the 12 hours or any longer to test? Thank you 😊

  8. PinkieJoJo
    PinkieJoJo says:

    I must also say. I’ve been checking my sugars because I do have a cheap glucose meter as I don’t have a keytone meter. My average 14 day was 110 and 30 day was 113. I have not been under 100 for a long time anytime I check and it was worrying me that maybe I have prediabetes. Switched back recently from high meat ketovore to just high fat keto-ish with lots of low carb veg. Today I finally got a reading under 100. I’ve slowly stepped my net carbs downward and yesterday was at 32. I am hoping this will be what works to help me succeed.


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