15 MINUTE PLANT-BASED MEALS | Balanced, delicious, vegan recipes!


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Today I’m sharing three of my go-to 15 minute, plant-based meals that I eat on a regular basis. All of these recipes are balanced, delicious and beginner-friendly!
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  1. ProgressiveHeart
    ProgressiveHeart says:

    I love playing around with ramen. I’ll often defrost frozen veggies (Trader Joe’s has some great combos), edamame beans, peanut butter blended with soy sauce.
    I’ve also made ramen, no spice mix, but, once drained, tossed in grated vegan cheese, nooch, garlic powder, and a little almond milk.

  2. Dee Sam
    Dee Sam says:

    As someone working towards a lifestyle that is more and more plant-based with a family, these videos are so helpful! You are making plant-based eating so accessible! Thank you!

  3. Nikita B
    Nikita B says:

    Thank you for the lovely video! It made my hungry. I’m always looking for new plant based recipes and I’m so glad I stumbled upon you, thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next videos!


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