15 Min Airfryer Zero Carb Crust Pizza Made with 3 Ingredients I What I Eat For Weight Loss

15 Min Airfryer Zero Carb Crust Pizza Made with 3 Ingredients I What I Eat For Weight Loss

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Today I’m excited to show you this delicious , easy air fryer pizza recipe that is also gluten free and 300 calories! Easy to make …

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  1. Sharon Montag
    Sharon Montag says:

    Liked the idea but didn't have ground chicken. Used ground turkey with italian seasoning. Also, used keto Alfredo sauce with mozarella, pineapple and black olives. Not too bad but can't wait to try your pizza.

  2. BonesawIsReady
    BonesawIsReady says:

    I must have messed up somewhere because the ground chicken 'crust' turned out tasting like a chicken burger and kind of overpowered the pizza sauce and toppings. Had much better luck with fathead dough or chaffles– but maybe I just did this wrong somehow.

  3. Andres Rivera
    Andres Rivera says:

    I love it..not pure KETO – COOL. You must skin and take out seed from tomato due to Lectin. Try to avoid Nightshade veggies, otherwise pressure cook then. As per Zero carbs, tomato, cheese and even cold cuts meats have sugar in them. Yes, the crust is zero carb, but when you add stuff it changes the dynamics. I still love your recipes.

  4. Jonathan Legthigh
    Jonathan Legthigh says:

    I notice a trend of late – people skipping the "t" in the middle of words – Why do you call it "GLOO-IN" when it's obviously pronounced "GLOO-TIN"? Is this some kind of "I want to fit in with everybody else" thing? If so, drop it. There's a "t" in "gluten." Pronounce it. You ain't no gangsta.

  5. The Clint Commander
    The Clint Commander says:

    I've tried the chicken crust before and… eh. It's okay. Although, I made it with canned chicken that I shredded up super fine, squeezed out the moisture through a rag, then added a couple of eggs and a little cheese to it. I think I'm gonna try it again with the ground chicken without anything else this time. My biggest complaint doing it the other way was that the "crust" was super floppy just like a cauliflower crust. This looks like it's supposed to. And it will be much easier than how I did it before LOL!


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