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Having tools that work as hard as you do is very important in a homesteader’s life. Because there is always more to do than we have hours in a day and if we can …
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  1. Melissa Boel
    Melissa Boel says:

    Its not worth getting those Pyrex glass measuring cups. The paint lines wash off in just a few months and then you either have to replace it again or use a different measuring cup to add your stuff to the cup which totally defeats the point.

  2. Midwest Girl
    Midwest Girl says:

    I have to say, I have huge Purchase-Regret with my Instant Pot. I held off for a few years while I researched all the pros/cons and waited until they came out with one that seemed to have all the kinks/complaints worked out. However, whatever time you might save preparing dinner, you will make up for in the cleaning-up-afterwards process. There are so many parts/pieces and little nooks/crannies that have to be washed or wiped down, it's just not worth it for me. I made lemon curd with mine and I had 10 parts/pieces that needed to be cleaned afterwards (If I had done it on the stove-top, I would have had one little pot). Also, it's impossible to get the scent/odor/smell off the rubber gasket once it's been used, which is off-putting (at least they give you two: one for sweet, one for savory). The first thing I made in mine was a pork roast and the rubber gasket STILL smells like pork roast after multiple washings and soakings. And, my pork roast didn't turn out any better than if I had thrown it in the crockpot. Personally, I can't recommend this item. I wish I hadn't spend the $150 on it. (I purchased the 8 quart Duo Evo Plus).

  3. Nae W
    Nae W says:

    🌷These are are great recommendations. I have a lot of them, just need the wooden bench scraper👍😍. 💟Yes I LOVE my INSTA POT! ❤ I use it more in the colder winter months, I do a lot of griddling out side when the weather is nice. 🌞💐 always love your vidoes

  4. Jamie Stancato
    Jamie Stancato says:

    We make all of our broths in our instapot and love it. When we make soups, more like a stew so we can add broth to them later, we makeup to 8 quarts at a time and freeze them in pint-size containers. We also take the instapot outside in the warmer weather to reduce the amount of heat in the house. Thanks for the ideas, will be making the bench scrapers as gifts this year.

  5. Karly Smith
    Karly Smith says:

    I love seeing other people’s must haves 🙂 I recently got a cast iron skillet and wonder how I lived without it but I’ve just got rid of my Pyrex mixing bowel because I found it too heavy (Ironic I know considering how heavy cast iron is!)


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