11 Things You Should Be Putting On Your Hot Dog, But Aren't

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If you grab a hot dog at the ballpark, there are only a handful of options to top it with: mustard, ketchup, relish, maybe some raw …

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  1. Raymond Thomas
    Raymond Thomas says:

    Ketchup on a hot dog – NEVER! A mix of BBQ, mustard, chili & garlic sauce, onion powder, chili powder with sweet relish and you have a flavorful topping with just a slight bit of heat.

  2. Dawnie to the Max
    Dawnie to the Max says:

    0:08 When Pinks (was Pinks) I would get the polish with chili and sauerkraut. It sounds strange but it was so good. Mind you Pinks hasn't been the same since the '90s. I need the original culture back in the kitchen cooking. The people that are cooking the food now don't know how to put the love into the food as the original culture good did.

  3. SandmanFightingSystem
    SandmanFightingSystem says:

    I’ve added a small amount of potato sticks on the bottom, the hot dog, some caramelized onions , some cheese sauce, some grilled corn kernels and then some ranch dressing, sometimes jalapeños on top of the ranch.

  4. T Love
    T Love says:

    Mustard, Sauerkrat lil catsup hot 🌭!!Grilled jalapeños always great caramelized onions yes!! I like my chopped thinly green onions from my garden great flavor😋

  5. Russell
    Russell says:

    I discovered something called pork floss, and it’s amazing on hot dogs, especially with some kimchi and cheese. I also love chutney on hot dogs, any kind.


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