10 tiny changes that will massively improve your cooking

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  1. Abby Z
    Abby Z says:

    I absolutely LOVED this video! These tips are so helpful! I’ve recently gotten more into cooking and a lot of these things I never knew or considered! Please make more of these tip/info videos! 💜

  2. M C
    M C says:

    What a fantastic video, thank you! 🙏🏼 My tip is to buy spices from an Indian grocer. The variety is so much greater, the quality and freshness better, and the pricing is often lower. Mx

  3. Maja Covic
    Maja Covic says:

    Sea salt is cheap and plentiful here so your salt section was so bizare to me.
    "How can salt be processsed and chemical? You just evaporate the sea. … How can salt be kosher*? Wait how can salt *not be kosher? Oh it's coarse grained. … Wait those were not sea salt? You eat rock salt? That's for roads*! … Special ocasion? Where do you get your *iodine from?"
    So confused.

  4. Niyati Brijesh
    Niyati Brijesh says:

    Hi Nisha! Last weekend I tried making those buffalo chickpea quesadillas and they came out sooooooooooo good, especially the cheese sauce. Thank you soo much! I'm already vegetarian but I actually considered becoming vegan for a while after that 🙂

  5. marcy a
    marcy a says:

    I rely on cooking with table salt to get my iodine-if I switch to kosher salt is there a good way to still get iodine without having to supplement?

  6. TheNodrokov
    TheNodrokov says:

    One thing I'd add is if you stop using table salt, you need to make sure you keep getting iodine in your diet somehow, either from supplements or by buying iodized kosher salt.

  7. Kathleen Olsen
    Kathleen Olsen says:

    I love that you did this topic. Honestly, when I think of YOU specifically, this is what sets you apart and is a special Nisha thing (well and your fun goofy side, too.) Gremolata blew my mind and truly upleveled soups and your sharing and use of all these tips are just fantastic!

  8. EasilyStartled
    EasilyStartled says:

    So to the reactionary this might seem like a comment with an agenda (lol), but hand-to-heart I swear, the thing that has improved my cooking by absolute leaps and bounds in the last year has been decentralizing meat/stopping my reliance on meat/meat product to do all the heavy-lifting in terms of flavor and satiation at every meal. This is coming from a non-vegan (probably 50% vegetarian, 20% vegan, and 30% full omnivore – and constantly shifting). When you make meat more of a "blindspot" and broaden your horizons on how the wide world of humanity has diversely approached similar ingredients, suddenly something like onion or kale or a bean or tofu doesn't seem so narrow of an ingredient in concept. I cook more and more plant-based because I don't feel so "crutched" by thinking I can only achieve a certain flavor profile or satisfaction from a meat-centered meal. Lean into curiosity rather than seeing the impediment and you'll gain perspectives of gratitude from across the world of humanity and food.

  9. imawiseman101
    imawiseman101 says:

    The iodine in table salt is an essential mineral that many vegans may be lacking. The whole point of introducing iodine into table salt was to combat a variety of issues caused by bad thyroid health that was sweeping the world. For vegans who don’t want to add yet another supplement, seaweed is rich in iodine.

  10. Katja Olenik
    Katja Olenik says:

    After years of wondering what Kosher salt is, I finally Googled it 😀 Here in Slovenia, 98% of all salt used is sea salt and I guess we're lucky to be able to get it for super cheap.

    Serendipitously, I made your shepherd's pie for lunch today, just a few hours before this video went live and yes, I absolutely PLASTERED all the layers with condiments 🙂

    When I first went vegan the main thing I had to learn was how to properly chop vegetables, so my top tip would be to watch some videos and practice, practice, practice. And hey, maybe one day you'll learn to enjoy it as a zen activity and just let the onions bring out those tears; they're happy tears for how delicious your meal will turn out 😀

  11. Susi Sauerkraud
    Susi Sauerkraud says:

    This Tip is from Dr. Michael Greger (book: how not to die):
    Fillet a lemon, puree them and freeze the puree/juice. Use it like normally lemon juice. So you will have the juice AND the fiber and something more good things from the lemon.

  12. Gilad Kingsley
    Gilad Kingsley says:

    think using salt that is half as salty as regular salt, and thus using double the amount of salt is potentially dangerous for long term health, given the fact than both salts have the same amount of sodium.

  13. Sofi
    Sofi says:

    Had to Google what kosher salt is as it's not really a thing here in the UK but I hear of Americans speaking of it a lot! Love a good sprinkle of Maldon or Fleur de sel as a finishing salt 🥰


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