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Hey family!! In today’s video we’re making a delicious 10 Minute Tripple Berry dessert, some of the guys are fishing the river, and …

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  1. Samantha Masters
    Samantha Masters says:

    One of my husbands favorite memories from his childhood is trout fishing with his dad. To this day everytime we are near a stream of water that would have trout he scans the water to see if he sees any. Now that his dad is with Jesus those memories are extra special to him and seeing your boys fish with their dad made me smile thinking of my father-n-law.

  2. Betty Blevins
    Betty Blevins says:

    So good to see Manly enjoying the swing. If I remember correctly wasn't he afraid of it when it was first put up. Will have to try the triple berry desert for the family. Good luck on the garden this year.

  3. Lisa Terryberry
    Lisa Terryberry says:

    I love the relationship you and Titus have with your children and the wonderful memories you make with them…I can't believe how much Tyler and Jake have grown since I found your channel when Tyler speaks I'm looking around to see where the other man is…his voice is so deep.

  4. Shauna O'Neal
    Shauna O'Neal says:

    Hi Fallon! Love your your family you and Titus are amazing parents. The best places to get plants at are local green houses they have plenty to choose from. Good luck on your garden.

  5. Running wild in the city
    Running wild in the city says:

    When we first moved to Georgia we lived on Jackson Lake. My momma took care of us 4 kids by herself and sometimes we didn’t have any food. We dug up some worms and skipped school and went fishing. We caught a lot of fish that day and didn’t go hungry. My mom was mad at us for skipping school, but she was also proud of us for getting dinner that night.

  6. Melinda's Messy Sink
    Melinda's Messy Sink says:

    Hey Hey Hey Moss Family! I am craving berries now 😂 I gotta remember to start eating before I watch! Thanks for sharing another great recipe! Ooops! Had to come back I forgot to tell you about tomato plants. My neighbors orders hers from Amazon and has never had a problem. They always do well in her garden! Really leaving this time! Have a good evening!

  7. Penny Fine
    Penny Fine says:

    have a lovely weekend, i have better boys, cherokee purple and a beef stakers ..they all good sandwich tomatoes . i have my garden and beans up and even the walla walla onions.

  8. ShelbyLynn Williams
    ShelbyLynn Williams says:

    During my childhood in NC my dad only grew big boy tomatoes. They did extremely well in red clay NC soil. An elderly man told me that he only grows big boy tomatoes here in Washington state & that he buys those tomato plants locally from Walmart.

  9. Connie Patrick
    Connie Patrick says:

    Oh my that dessert will be on my table soon. Looks so good. Wow Tyler's voice is so deep. They did really well fishing. Looked like they really enjoyed themselves. I can't hardly wait to see the second video. Love y'all. Give those youngins a hug for me. 😊❤

  10. Renae Brook
    Renae Brook says:

    Falon have you ever tried to make a tiramisu? It means “little pick me up “ in Italian….soooo good and uses those same lady fingers….would you mind leaving in the comments how you make your buckwheat pancakes? I finally got my order from Nora mills…super fast shipping but it says to use water…..🤢🤢🤢🤢that doesn’t sound too appealing….that dessert looked amazing

  11. Candi Ray
    Candi Ray says:

    My husband has fishing fever so hopefully he and our oldest son will go trout fishing this weekend… From my understanding, it takes approximately 25 to 26 hours for an egg to form so their laying time changes gradually… Y'all should make a drive to Mccaysville, in Fannin County, and visit Quinn's Greenhouses. They have all kinds veggie , flower, and other plants. You'd really like their beautiful hanging baskets, too.

  12. Donna Gribbins
    Donna Gribbins says:

    In the winter when the fresh berries are expensive since you are cooking the berries anyway just get a bag of mixed berries from Walmart in the frozen section. I keep them in my freezer all the time. They are always delicious. I love cooking them and making a mixed berry syrup for waffles or French toast.

  13. Lisa Dalka
    Lisa Dalka says:

    Hello Falon 🥰 oh that mixed Berrie desert looks amazing!!! This vlog was great ❤ the 🎣 fishing with the boys and Titus my husband fishing as I write this Trout yum! Have a Great Day🐓🐥🐛🌻🌺💛💚 from Wisconsin

  14. Debbie Mcclure
    Debbie Mcclure says:

    That dessert looked absolutely amazing Falon. Definitely summery. Sissy sittin in the swing with her baby doll was so precious, and Manny of course, lol. Brought back alot of memories. Great video. Congrats on all the fish guys. I'll say they were yummy. Tyfs God bless you

  15. Brenda Bright
    Brenda Bright says:

    The triple berry dessert looked delicious! Looks like the boys had lots of fun fishing, makes me want to go fishing! I Love the videos you post they make my day! ❤❤❤


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