🩸Blood Sugar & Ketone TESTING Round-Up **And My Experiences with Them** #WellnessWednesday

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  1. Aero Coaster
    Aero Coaster says:

    The ketone breath analyzers usually measure acetone ketones, whereas the blood ketone meters usually measure beta hydroxybutyrate ketones. This could possibly explain why you get differing results from them. I have no insight into why you would be producing more acetone ketones, though.

  2. Peggy Fitzmaurice
    Peggy Fitzmaurice says:

    This is very helpful for anyone on their beginner Keto journey. I started with a glucose monitor in 2019 but quickly switched to the Keto Mojo )which measure glucose and ketones) and I have been very happy with the info. I like that I can sync the info with the app and it still helps me stay on track

  3. Laura J
    Laura J says:

    I use a keto mojo and I have a CGM the Freestyle Libre 14 day. I like my CGM. I use the mojo for my ketones and double checking my glucose. I've been able to reverse my type 2 diabetes and I want to keep going Keto.

  4. JWB671
    JWB671 says:

    My insulin sensitivity has improved a lot since I went to a high fiber, low fat diet after years on lower carbs and higher fat. My fasting glucose is lower and I am way leaner. I think low carbers are a little too obsessed with keeping insulin and blood sugar low at all costs. Getting energy balance right is way more important. Your body pumps out way more insulin just to keep you alive, even in a fasted state, than people realize.

  5. rikwen96
    rikwen96 says:

    This is a great intro for those who are looking for a way to track what is happening to their body while they are following a keto/carnivore way of life. When I started a ketogenic way of eating almost four years ago, I didn't have a way to check if I was in ketosis. Except I lost over a hundred pounds that year and my blood work from the doctor improved dramatically. I also didn't know about any of the You Tubers at that time so I was winging it on the one book I found by Maria Emmerich. Since then I have tried all sorts of things to see how my body reacts – carnivore, BBBE, PSMF, and a lot of fasting. Here is where I have found that a blood meter helps the most on how I react to when I am eating and what foods I ingest. I never show any high ketone levels unless I have been fasting for several days and I do have the dawn effect on my blood glucose. Since I don't have a pre-keto base to go on, I am fine with just using the blood glucose and ketone meter sometimes when I am trying something new.

  6. TaylorAnn
    TaylorAnn says:

    I’m wondering if the breath meters are more accurate than the blood. I watch several of you that test and share your results and should absolutely be in ketosis. But, according to the blood meters..you’re not. I had the same issue myself with readings of .3, fairly often. I find that frustrating and I bet the breath meter is more accurate but I’m not sure I want to drop the cash on one. Lol.

  7. Océane Holbrook
    Océane Holbrook says:

    Are you still taking Berberine? I have cgm now and I realized that I was in hypoglycaemia too much after a week on 500mg/day of berberine… now I take 500mg 2 times a week… but even with sugary ice cream I topped at 10 mmol/L glucose level… I love the fact that I can eat literally anything but If I eat ketovore, I become hypoglycaemic 😢 but berberine helped with my sibo symptoms…. Should I stop berberine?

  8. Bryan ?
    Bryan ? says:

    Hi!! I heard your interview on the Carnivore Lion. I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes.

    I was just wondering if you knew of a good company for testing for food sensitivities? I kind of want to test my wife, our 2 kids, & myself. Any ideas?


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