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  1. Heather Lavender
    Heather Lavender says:

    I just made some Salisbury steak tonight on my favorite Gluten Free book called The Healthy Gluten-free Life by Tammy Credicott and the kids love every recipe and most of them are similar to the regular recipes I grew up with even desserts especially you cannot go wrong with this book. It is not totally Paleo but if you want you're kids to eat great Gluten free recipes this book is great. Her husband is actually the celiac Maniac and she is very detailed in the Gluten-free lifestyle with their stories are throughout it. Also my mom has a recipe book called Hearth and Home by Karey Swan and she has our favorite family recipes and our stories in it as well you might like that as well? You can get in touch with her or let me know and I can let her know if you're interested? Thanks and I love you're channel, keep up the great work!

  2. karen montgomery
    karen montgomery says:

    You do have dimmers on those bedroom can lights,, I hope, Or you could get an eyeball can light that would shine mostly on the pretty prints . Also , be creative ,,pictures don’t have to match each other, there are lots o f ways to make a wall that’s interesting as well as unique style . Ie, 1 on top of other and the other 2 set off center from each other. Let me know ,, I show you some examples. Put some cheap sheers on those windows it will elevate and give an air of sophistication , hang high above window and you” ll love the light airy feel without heavy drapes . Pick up a plant at Home Depot or green house and garden center. Make sure it doesn’t need sun looks dark in there

  3. Valentina Tiger
    Valentina Tiger says:

    Enjoyed your rant and totally agree. Please be nice to people not that hard. My husband wears all of his clothes until they're falling apart too. The artwork looked great. The contigo cups are no joke they are really sturdy.

  4. Elissa Clark
    Elissa Clark says:

    Lol thanks Walmart for the family memoirs. Good ol wally world. I did like the story tho very sweet. Also I'm gunna make fish cakes and all these great things..?nevermind it's late everyone gets hotdogs tonight 😂.. I love your fish cakes I've made them before. Great video as always ur the best Jen. Hugs Elissa modesto cali @elissa_tc

  5. Jamilyn Jackson
    Jamilyn Jackson says:

    It's me!! I'm that t shirt person. Also hoodie person. My favorite t shirts are so worn out. My hubby just keeps ALL clothes in general. I hide stuff to see if he even realizes it's missing before I get rid of it! Lol!!!!!

  6. Megan Leinbach
    Megan Leinbach says:

    You looked so naturally beautiful in the car during the Starbucks drive through. If someone was thinking that about me, it would put a smile on my face if they shared that observation with me – so thought I’d let you know 🙂

  7. Rachel Groeschl
    Rachel Groeschl says:

    My husband is a contractor, he’s hard on his clothes but he is great about getting quality clothing and letting go of things. I mean I have to be the one asking him if I can throw it haha but he’s good about it

  8. Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson says:

    October is Crock-Tiber where you make as many recipes as you can in the IP and Crock Pot. The trick to not having dried or tough meat is when it is finished let it do an natural release for about 20 minutes.. Meats come out great when you do it like that. I love Rachel Ray and watch her show every afternoon with my coffee.

  9. Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson says:

    I was watching a Paula Deen video and she and her stepdaughter, Michelle, we’re making Crab Cakes and she did them in the air fryer. She said the same thing that the cakes fall apart more in the skillet. I love the pictures over the bed, very nice. I love steaks. I made a Ribeye Steak dinner for my birthday last month with Au-gratin Potatoes, salad, a nice glass of wine and Sanders Bumpy Cake. It is a Fudge Roll Cake, Sanders was a well known family run company in the Detroit area in the 1960’s . They have since gone out of business but sold the rights and recipes to other companies. You might be able to order it from Amazon, not sure. In SE Mi several local grocery stores like Meijer sells it. It’s worth it to try if you can find it. I will be getting one for the Christmas holidays.

  10. Kathy G
    Kathy G says:

    YES! I think everyone should have to work as a server and work retail at least once in their life. A lot of attitudes would change, That moment when you realize that if the birthdate begins with a 1, they can buy alcohol 😂


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