🧀Keto Mac 'n Cheese!!

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perfectketo is taking pre-orders for their brand new, first ever, lupin flour mac ‘n cheese! It’s expected to sell out fast so if this is …

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  1. M. Gregg
    M. Gregg says:

    I'm not sure why I'm not able to see the video picture but happy I get the audio. Hoping I figure the problem out soon for these Reels or whatever YouTube calls them.

  2. Steve C
    Steve C says:

    Pre-keto I loved mac & cheese but not I just don't care. I now eat a new diet, a new lifestyle and I don't need SAD diet foods keto-ized. If I were a vegan I would just eat non-animal foods and not the new fake meats. But I can see how these keto-ized foods are popular with kids.


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