🦃#KETO Butter-Top Dinner Rolls 🤎for the #Thanksgiving Table🧡

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  1. AsKa7
    AsKa7 says:

    Hi Nilly 👋
    Just an idea maybe U can portion out the butter by the weight next time so U can figure out how much U need per 1 scoop. 🙃🙂 so U can use all the butter and have all rolls same size 😉

  2. Cher Bear
    Cher Bear says:

    Thank you so much Indigo. 💓 You are a genius and love and appreciate all the time you put into making healthy recipes. You make eating healthy so yummy and I'm forever grateful ❤

  3. Irene Grau
    Irene Grau says:

    Would these be stored in a ziploc bag, or wrapped with paper towels, or…? I haven't tried your egg white bread yet, so not sure if they would get soggy, since you mention they might get sticky on top (or is that only because they've been brushed with butter?) Thanks. Have a great holiday!


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