🥩 How a Chinese chef makes Beef with Oyster Sauce! (蠔油牛肉)

🥩 How a Chinese chef makes Beef with Oyster Sauce! (蠔油牛肉)

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Watch Daddy Lau teach us how to make Beef with Oyster Sauce. It’s a classic stir-fry with “brown sauce” that you can make with …

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  1. @CaliforniaVoterGuy
    @CaliforniaVoterGuy says:

    I tried to print the recipe but the ingredients were not the same as the video. The survey seemed to get in the way and covered up the recipe ingredients. I tried to close the survey, but it was not possible in the print mode.

  2. @k.n.v.b1113
    @k.n.v.b1113 says:

    Thank you for sharing ! we used to go to a place that was out of this world in Toronto every Sat call LEE GARDENS for over 30 years then they closed and I can't find anything to compare. this brings me back

  3. @qmaru14
    @qmaru14 says:

    Great classic dish, but FAR too much soy sauce here, both light and dark. I only use oyster sauce and gives enough colour as it is. Appreciate the tips tho with prepping the beef!

  4. @ChildofAssur
    @ChildofAssur says:

    Hello, I have been watching your videos for the last few days and have fallen in love with your dad’s recipes. Here in Australia our Chinese restaurants and takeaway’s don’t make Orange Chicken, we have Honey Chicken. Is this not a popular dish in America or China? Also I have not seen a Beef in black bean recipe on your channel. Does or can your father make these dishes? I would really love those recipes. I tried your Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe the other night and it tasted like I had bought it from my favorite Chinese restaurant. Yummy. Thank you Vicki

  5. @user-fl6vq7wz5n
    @user-fl6vq7wz5n says:

    I just made this the other day! Thanks for the baking soda tip to tenderize slices of beef–I was wondering how to get that silky texture my grandmother's always had. Next time, it will be perfect!

  6. @LRB666
    @LRB666 says:

    After having watched many videos of yours, I must say this is a great channel. One thing though….? Since when do you use chopsticks with a flat plate? I can see using flat plates with the main dishes but the last time I checked pretty much everyone in china uses bowls to hold the rice. I have never seen anyone eat rice off of a flat plate.

  7. @mariekeung7187
    @mariekeung7187 says:

    This dish looks absolutely delish! Daddy Lau is a rock star. And he makes it look so easy. I will try this one! By the way, mui mui is so adorable with that cute giggle and when she is feeding her family.

  8. @PapaDan
    @PapaDan says:

    My dad was a good cook. Having said that I watch your videos with a permanent smile on my face. 😀 You guys are making it great by sharing the thoughts of the family around the table. Wish I could be sitting there with you! Great Love!

  9. @cubanmama4564
    @cubanmama4564 says:

    I love this channel. I am Cuban born. We had a huge Chinese community in Havana across the avenue where my grandma lived. I grew up with many cuisines including Cantonese food. This brings me back to my childhood. Thank you for this channel.

  10. @markshen3280
    @markshen3280 says:

    Daddy Lau, can people buy sliced beef in supermarkets near your area ? Here in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 SAR, we can buy good quality beef in chunks, slices, minced, strips, and even steaks 🥩. The beef we get in our Hong Kong 🇭🇰 supermarkets all come from USA 🇺🇸and Australia 🇦🇺 .

  11. @23nikeel
    @23nikeel says:

    Hi thanks for this. Your dad is very knowledgeable. I understand why you cut across the grain but can I ask why you cut the beef on a slanted bias/angle vs just cutting in a straight line vertically down? Thank you


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