🥩 How a Chinese chef cooks Steak! (煎牛扒)

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  1. mkw2555
    mkw2555 says:

    Everything os fine except the fact that corn starch is poisonous and not suitable for human consumption. And foremost seeds pressed cooking oil. This meat should be discarded. Everyone watching this I encourage to research how toxic cooking oil is to your body.

  2. hwoarangtag
    hwoarangtag says:

    Should change the title to cooking steak the chinese/cantonese way. Because no western people will certified this way as approved. In the west, we never rinse the steak, let alone overcook the strak

  3. slapster69
    slapster69 says:

    Your dad is amazing, but I like to watch while I cook and reading the subtitles makes it impossible. I wish you would translate over the video for us cooking crackers. (Whites)

  4. Cyclops Vision
    Cyclops Vision says:

    You want to keep the fat on the side so you can render it out when cooking, and use that to cook the steak. After the steak is ready to serve, you cut that edge off because there is a strip of cartilage under the fat that is not edible.

  5. Fred Smith
    Fred Smith says:

    A lot of Asians in Asia in general will want their steak to this doneness in general as the redness of of a medium rare looks raw. But if we’re talking about techniques in general there are a quite a few channels that do the frequent flip to get a even doneness as Daddy Lau would do here. Also, doing the corn starch on the steak allows for a crust and if you choose to make a sauce it will stick to the meat well as I’ve seen this done at many HK cafes.


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