🥓Sunday Food PREP & A Sad Update 😢 #DITL Vlog #SquatternushFarm

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  1. Mary Sexton
    Mary Sexton says:

    Have you tried Harry’s method from Loving It On Keto where he folds in half and gets double the amount of bacon on one pan? It works so well and I love it folded over. Now I can cook my whole package on one cookie sheet.

  2. Elizabeth Harrell
    Elizabeth Harrell says:

    hope the virus doesn't spread to chickens, sad about the baby quail…love where you live, how do you like the location? We are thinking of moving and love how your area looks..just what I am looking for..Thanks

  3. Kay Audet
    Kay Audet says:

    I know you can buy fertilised quail eggs, that might be a better way to go. I have a breeding pair in my aviary to eat the excess seed. They breed at least 4 times a year . So sad about yours poor little babies

  4. Athena Brown
    Athena Brown says:

    Levi is adorable! I've ordered from Myshire Farm and they are fantastic. I ordered from Kansas City Quail and it wasn't a great experience. I have had quail for about 8 years and I love them! Myshire Farm doesn't require a large purchase. Good luck!

  5. waterstreeter
    waterstreeter says:

    I could never do what Levi did with the butter! I'd have the same reaction as he has to eggs! Tal sure seems to be the Chicken Whisperer! Sorry to hear about your quail! I know that in some Asian recipes quail eggs are used but I haven't tried them yet. I remember my dad telling me when I was a kid that he ate frog legs a long time ago and they were still jumping inside of him! There used to be a Chinese buffet by me that used to put frog legs on it! Wow! Ren is at the age that Tal was a while ago. i can remember when Tal was missing her front teeth. Good one! Quail mail! I wish I could help you with the quail diseases but I don't know anything about them. Best of luck in your next new animal endeavor! As always my absolute very very best wishes to all of you including your pets! Take care!!!

  6. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    Oh no! So sorry about your Quails . My father was a hunter , we would go with him and we would see the Quails . They are disappearing more and more. You don’t see them anymore.
    Hang in there, everyone ((hugs))

  7. Aurora3242
    Aurora3242 says:

    Thank for the info on the GoodSam bars, I prefer allulose, so I'm stoked about these.
    Those young ones of yours are too precious- I miss mine being young and fun, lol! (Mine are in their 20's)❣
    Around here, we brake for wild quail, they will cross with their little babies in a perfect little line, being too cute, so they get the right of way❣
    Your babies were over heated and dehydrated, it's heartbreaking but it's great the company did the right thing – hopefully they improve their shipping practices.

  8. Arky Hunter
    Arky Hunter says:

    I grew up hunting and eating bullfrogs, they are great. I know people who raise every thing and they say quail can be the hardest to keep, doesn't take much for the little ones to not make it.

  9. J A
    J A says:

    Was so much fun watching the chickens follow Charity around. And Levi eating butter. Those German pancakes looked yummy. I'm jealous. LOL! Sorry about your quail. Thanks for the fun video.

  10. Mark Neff
    Mark Neff says:

    For your Quill try finding a small animal auction for farms. We have them in our area once a month. We also live in farm country in the mid-west. Good luck.

  11. Gina Godoy
    Gina Godoy says:

    So sorry about the quail 😥 I look forward to seeing quail on your farm in the future! Liam is my kinda kid: I also like to snack on butter 😊 My son likes to snack on it too. But instead of using a knife like a civilized human he likes to use his finger and leaves big holes and dents in the butter that I leave out on the counter 😑😋

  12. Laurie Paul
    Laurie Paul says:

    My son had an egg allergy when he was young and grew out of it by 5 or 6, so maybe Levi will as well. It was so cute how the chickens were following Talia! You might like to check out Chickenlandia Youtube! She does alot of natural things with her chickens using homeopathy and fermented grain. So sorry for your loss!

  13. Maskawolf
    Maskawolf says:

    So sorry for the baby quails, that is so sad! I had a Robin that did her nest in a basket of clothes pins on a shelf by my back door. She has been there for weeks. I didn't see her in the last 2 days so I checked the basket and her 4 babies were dead. Their feathers were just starting to grow. I took the whole nest and buried the babies on the outside of my fence under a lilac tree.
    It broke my heart. I wish you all good luck finding and caring for your next batch of quails. I hope they are healthy!

  14. OlderPennsylvanian-OP
    OlderPennsylvanian-OP says:

    Sorry to hear about your quail. We had something out in our region last year that was similar and affecting wild birds. We were all asked to take down bird feeders and birdbaths while the wildlife and conservation people tried to figure it out. They had those same symptoms, trouble walking and very strange behaviour. Finally I think they decided it had to do with a parasite related to last years emerging locust brood. Life can be so fragile in so many unexpected ways. Prayers for you to be able to find a new source to start your flock again.

  15. Millie H. - NYC
    Millie H. - NYC says:

    Sad about quail hatchlings. Levi is such a ham eating butter & frog. He eats everything. The girls look great. Looking forward to "Quail TV". Great garden. Where was Po & Freddie? Be well.

  16. Gail M.
    Gail M. says:

    So sorry about the Quails! I found an old video for your Large batch Dutch baby recipe, but it states 2 lbs arrowroot! I’m thinking 2 Tbs, not lbs? Would you sub allulose or something similar for the sugar? Thanks!!

  17. Rebecca Wells
    Rebecca Wells says:

    Yep Dr Pol tells you all about that disease, once one chicken/bird gets it it spreads like wildfire Coxidia I think it's called. I guess it wasn't, I see the Encephalomyelitis. So sorry ya'll!


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