🥓#Ketovore What I Eat in a Day **Airfryer Steak Bites**

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  1. dorrie junior
    dorrie junior says:

    That is where I would like to be…eating to hunger only…I dont care that it is three times a day but I would like to fast. I have a bag of AG and I dont love them BUT I need to try mixing them better. BTW my friend loves AG and will be ordering for herself and her Division I althelete son using your link.

  2. Gardenmom61
    Gardenmom61 says:

    I can't do this. I've tried, only to have my cholesterol zoom to 360. I must have vegetables, fiber to go to the bathroom (real fiber, not green powders (don't work).

  3. Species710
    Species710 says:

    You once said, before you found out you were iron deficient, that you can tell, when you didn't take your electrolytes. In your next video, can you detail what you mean/experience by taking or not taking the electrolytes? I feel no difference and would just like to know for information sake in case I need to pass that knowledge on.


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