🚨4/5 REAL LIFE – Sunday Night Quarantine CHANNEL UPDATE 👆Handling this + THOUGHTS 🌿FREETOFAMILY

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Hey FAM today is 4/5/20 and I am sharing with you a REAL LIFE – Quarantine CHANNEL UPDATE – How we are handling this time of life, my thoughts and …

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  1. Igna Pienaarph
    Igna Pienaarph says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I read a post today on Insta that said something along the lines of: As a mom you can do the hard things, but you can't do the impossible. So cut yourself some slack during lockdown cause you have to work, homeschool, cook, clean and keep your mind together. It doesn't all have to be perfect.
    Love your video's, Kim!!!

  2. DeAnna B
    DeAnna B says:

    I've been thinking about you, I can tell you were a little stressed, so I'm sure a lot of us are. We are going to be OK! Hope your family is okay. Thanks for the video!

  3. Samantha Budhu
    Samantha Budhu says:

    So much is going on in my personal life too that I cannot share. Some days are better than others but I was feeling so tired and fatigued the past few days. I am feeling much better. It is all going to be okay! 💜

  4. Inspired by Nikki
    Inspired by Nikki says:

    Good morning Kim! Our school day is set up a lot like yours. They are usually done by lunch but I’m still working and have them do something quietly too. I love your attitude about how you want to look back and think you did a good job. Yes to good memories🌹

  5. Ballery Pruitt
    Ballery Pruitt says:

    Hey Kim, thanks for the pep talks, they really help. You're so inspiring. By the way you look beautiful and your makeup is flawless! Keep the videos coming sweetie they are much appreciated!!

  6. ForgiveAndLove09
    ForgiveAndLove09 says:

    So glad the kids are adjusting to your new normal. I also have anxiety if carbs or blood sugar goes up. Oooh Tight reigns on that! I will pray for your new upcoming change. Whatever it is we can do this with our faith. Stay strong Sis spiritually and physically 💕 We love ya! 🤗

  7. K J
    K J says:

    Thanks for letting us know we are not the only ones that have anxiety. It is awesome that you have been able to stay on track and maintain your keto life, it's been a true struggle but I keep absorbing the keto videos and know that I will get back on track soon..I have been furloughed for two weeks now found out it may be 3 weeks more..

  8. Dona Hazelwood
    Dona Hazelwood says:

    Such a beautiful person inside and out! Your videos really calm me, as I am dealing with a few unexpected things myself. Praying for your peace and well being, may all issues you have be resolved and good things coming to you and yours.❤

  9. M Hop16
    M Hop16 says:

    I'm just trying to stick my routines and praying that everything will be okay. One of my routines has been meal prepping and today I actually roasted a whole chicken in the IP in 45 mins and it was awesome! I'm still working at the hospital so meal prepping is essential especially since a lot of places are no longer delivering food anymore. It's a matter of time now before Nebraska is in an mandatory lockdown and hoping sooner than later so we can stop the spread of covid here. Anyways cant wait for your keto vids about staying on track. I'm still on keto but the temptations have been a struggle bus for me.

  10. Julia Perry
    Julia Perry says:

    Our family is so blessed with food-shelter-health and the consideration- love and encouragement of one another. Peace is a good thing. All Glory to God for His Mercies! Thanks and God bless you and your family.

  11. Marissa McAfee
    Marissa McAfee says:

    I had some pits too. I was really struggling with like some fatigue and pain in my legs and arms. Once I got to my doctor I was totally fine it was so weird and kind of embarrassing. They asked me what was wrong and I said well I was in pain but now I’m fine. I wish I had some tips to post…all I can think of is just to say that this quarantine won’t last long! They can’t keep the majority of the population at home! Things will get better and we are all in this together!!

  12. Nikki Badzik
    Nikki Badzik says:

    This was a fun video. Hope your situation doesn't cause you too much stress. Dalgona coffee!! Hubs made this for me today for my bday. So good. Thx for sharing with us. Be well.

  13. Lara G
    Lara G says:

    I always enjoy your chatty videos. Love a good ramble myself ! We are all finding our 'new normal'. Great that your kids are adapting to home school routine too. Stay safe. Best wishes from Australia 🙂

  14. connie castillo
    connie castillo says:

    Yes everyone is having good days and bad days. I am loving the extra time with my family. This corona got me all messed up with my weight loss journey though! Will def check out the coffee video though im a coffee addict!

  15. Glenda Goodson
    Glenda Goodson says:

    You have mentioned your personal issues a couple of times now. I want to send you positive thoughts and prayers for the best outcome for your family. Keep up the helpful posts and keep your vision pointed toward your goal. You’ve got this, Girlfriend ! ! 💄❤️

  16. Cheryl Middlestead
    Cheryl Middlestead says:

    I appreciate you so much and can relate to the same issues you're navigating! I just started my keto journey to get my type 2 diabetes under control and weight loss. I have 2 girls 10 and 12, and we are navigating schooling at home right along with you (and many others). I'm so glad I found your channel, you really make me feel like I can get through all this with my sanity in tact. Thank you so much for being there! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  17. Lauren Bakos
    Lauren Bakos says:

    I have had some good days and rough days this week too. I like having a routine also but school have been closed til end of April so it’s been hard to stay on a routine. I’m usually a homebody but now that I can’t go anywhere I’m dying to go somewhere 🤣. Thank you these weekly updates!

  18. Michele Entsminger
    Michele Entsminger says:

    Hello! Happy quarantining! 🤣 I was wondering if your AmazonLive videos are available to rewatch or is it only the most recent? I would love if you were able to upload them on here 💕 Happy Sunday, thank you for the update 😃


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