😰HOW am I going to use up *6 DOZEN* Egg Yolks??💛 #KETO #recipes

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  1. FadedStar05
    FadedStar05 says:

    it hardens after a while. Let it cool for a bit. I also like to torch it. cool. Then sprinkle a bit more allulose then torch it really good. But it has to cool a bit. Can't dig right in. And it not as hard as sugar is, but you still get a nice little soft crunch.

  2. Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira says:

    When I have extra egg yolks I like to make this "creme brûlée" it's really creamy but it's definitely a rough draft recipe… and I was pretty tired / delirious when I wrote it. Similar to yours but added butter and had slightly tweaked amounts. 🤷‍♂

    Keto Creme Brûlée

    10 egg yolks
    2 whole eggs
    3 cups heavy cream (can make 1/3rd of this whole milk) – tried whole milk
    1-2 tsp of vanilla extract (I think I was a little low this first time)
    1/2 cup allulose to 3/4?
    3/4 stick of butter (might be able to go higher), upped from 1/4 stick

    Warm it up in a saucepan continually stirring (~120 degrees? don’t curdle it, pray to God you don’t curdle that sh!#)
    Oven to 300
    in boiling water bath in ramekins
    bake for 40-45 mins (should be jiggly when you pull), a little more if you do more milk
    Top it or don’t, whatever, you’re a grownup, make your own decisions. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Sue H
    Sue H says:

    HI Nili – Ketogenic woman also made from egg yolks, butter and some sweetener of choice, (simple recipe) for egg fast but can use any time, that mixture for ninja creami and loved it. You might know that already…

  4. Laurie Carlson
    Laurie Carlson says:

    WOW, Nili!!! I would have chosen the SAME recipes you have for my egg yolks! Yes!!! I have made that ice cream before and it's DELISH!!!
    The egg yolk waffles are a FAVE of mine! Yes! When I make my bread, instead of water with the egg white powder, I do use 8 egg whites which usually gives me about 1 cup, I add about another 50 ml of water to get to about 250 ml of liquid, I believe. (This is from memory without looking at my measuring cup! Lol! It's in the kitchen and I'm not in there!) The bread turns out DELISH that way, the rest of the recipe is YOURS! Lol! Anyway, I always have 8 egg yolks left to use up and it's always the waffles! I LOVE those!!! I also freeze mine as well! It works out perfectly!
    Honestly, I could LIVE on eggs alone, I LOVE them! I never grow tired of them no matter what! There is not ONE DAY that goes by where I don't have an egg or two, or sometimes MORE!
    LOVE this video! Thank you!!

  5. Denise C
    Denise C says:

    I find that allulose isn’t as sweet as regular sugar. When substituting regular sugar in a recipe I like to measure it the same but then add just a few drops of stevia to amp up the sweetness.

  6. Judith Lund
    Judith Lund says:

    I agree with you about people not listing the ingredients in recipes in the order they are used………I’ve even gone as far as rewriting the recipe for future use…😂🤣😂
    Great recipes Nili. 😊❤

  7. Ap Ac
    Ap Ac says:

    You can also freeze your yolks raw and then use them in ice cream, etc. They're also great added to the top of ground beef or chopped steak as a type of sauce.🦋

  8. Tanya Vav
    Tanya Vav says:

    Sis Nili! You can use egg yolks for pastry cream Cypriot Date and Walnut Filled Cookies called in Greek Phoinikota which my friend at Dimitra's Dishes on You Tube has it Hope his helps

  9. nanchesca
    nanchesca says:

    That lemon curd looks so yummy!!
    I've been making (way too much) stove top custard, similar recipe to the creme brulé and its so yummy. I add a tsp gelatin to it so it'll set in the fridge

  10. Deb in Nashville
    Deb in Nashville says:

    Since Levi is allergic to eggs, you might want to do further testing to see if he is allergic to both the yolk and the whites. If he is not allergic to the yolks, you could start using them for breading chicken for him. You could also dehydrate them for later use.

  11. Judy Duran
    Judy Duran says:

    What a bounty of riches with the egg yolks! I just made homemade mayo and used 2 yolks for a cup of oil. I used Serious Keto’s recipe where you pasteurize the egg yolks. I use that recipe because it keeps way longer in the fridge than raw eggs, and this recipe comes out great every time! Loved seeing all the things you made. You need a bigger waffle iron! I'll bet it took a long time to make 24 waffles one at a time! Great job! ❤️🥰❤️

  12. Karen Reaves
    Karen Reaves says:

    I am ordering silicone trays for our Ninja Max Air Fryer with the dehydration setting, to dehydrate our abundance of eggs. I am ordering the UUY Vacuum Sealer Kit for wide and regular jars. Beduan brake bleeder kit to vacuum seal mason jars.

  13. Barbs Dee
    Barbs Dee says:

    I haven’t got allulose and it’s very expensive here in Uk. Can I use erythritol instead? Good cute taste testers, well done girls 😘 Could you mix ic cream with lemon curd?

  14. Cyndi Manka
    Cyndi Manka says:

    I know you’re just talking about yolks here but I tried Kelly hogans Oopsie cake. Oh my god what a game changer. I can hardly keep out of it. I have to limit myself to one piece maybe 1 1/2 a day. It’s even in carb master app. It’s so good.


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