😭72 hour SARDINE Challenge **Day 1** (with a CONTINUOUS Ketone Monitor) @DoctorBoz

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  1. Cabbage Crosby
    Cabbage Crosby says:

    I cannot emphasize this enough: find your local Russian store, and try the sardines. They’re way better than American ones in my opinion. You’re welcome. The oil probably tastes better too. I haven’t drank oil on its own, when not to Keto I would dip bread in it. (If there isn’t a Russian store in your area, maybe a European grocery store? I have both in my area. I also recommend the jars of pickles that have tomatoes in there too, both are so delicious, and if you want to drink pickle juice for keto, that kind tastes the best. It tastes sweeter. I haven’t checked the sugar content tho. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ) If you can do a keto sandwich, I recommend trying sardines with tomato, pickle, cucumber, and hard boiled egg. I like to use mayo, but you could probably use the oil from the sardines instead, if you wanted to.

  2. Winona Bannon
    Winona Bannon says:

    Nili, I have tried a few different brands, but I like the Season brand the best. Some people who get the brands with the skin on, cook them in the air fryer., and they thought they were pretty good. With the Season brand, I just open them, suck the olive oil off of them, which doesn't taste bad at all. Then I eat them. What I like about them is they taste like tuna and stay with you for a long time. I don't get hungry for hours. My 1st Ketone reading on my 3rd day was 5.4. I don't remember what my Glucose reading was but it was really low, like in the 20's. This was on the 1st 21 day Dr. Boz challenge. Later that day, my Ketone reading was something like 6.5. I was in shock! Previous to this challenge, my ketones were usually in the 2. 5 (there abouts) on a really good day. I also don't remember my Glucose reading for this one. Since this challenge, I have made sardines a regular part of my eating plan. I love having a support group. We zoom every Thursday, 5:30 Pacific in the spring and summer and 6:30 Pacific in the fall, winter months. Our group has been meeting for 2 1/2 years now. You certainly would be welcome to join if you would like. Sometimes people have other things to do, like vacation or meetings they have to attend. No problem there. You just join when you can. I wonder if you remember meeting me at KetoCon? On YouTube my name is Winona Bannon, but everyone calls me Nona, as I introduced myself to you and your husband.

  3. Darla Fitzpatrick
    Darla Fitzpatrick says:

    Like you, I had no plans to try this, even though I've always liked sardines. Reading some comments here has me more interested. I don't mind fasting, so a couple cans per day would do me… i can't imagine trying to hit a caloric target. Good luck!

  4. Clint Sorensen
    Clint Sorensen says:

    I try to eat only sardines for 3 days a week. Ketones get up to 1.6-1.8 on the last day.
    I mix avocado mayo, mustard, and a diced pickle in mine. Oh and I only eat the Costco ones.
    I can’t wait to see your numbers.

  5. taytor head
    taytor head says:

    I love sardines and have done 72 hours challenge with out even trying 😂I like to switch them up. I'll eat 4 or 5 different kinds of sardines through out the 72 hours.

  6. Beckie
    Beckie says:

    I started mine yesterday at 13:00,my ketones has been 0.4 for a long time. This afternoon, 24hours into the fast, ketone was 1.0. I ate Wild Planet sardine in water and salt. I drain off the water. I ate four cans each day.

  7. Natalie Rice
    Natalie Rice says:

    Wow, the price of those sardines! I've been paying 98 cents a tin at Winco. Today I needed to restock and the price has gone up to $1.19. I'm planning on doing the 3 day challenge while my husband is away in a couple of weeks.

  8. Valerie E. Hart
    Valerie E. Hart says:

    I adore sardines. I've eaten at LEAST 1 can of sardines everyday for… many years. Maybe 4 years? I once tried to take a break from my daily sardine consumption, and THAT was HARD for me! i crave sardines so much! I like the Season brand from Costco (so affordable –especially when they go on sale, which they do a few times per year) and I also like Wild Planet. I definitely DRAIN the heck out of the Wild Planet sardines.

    I like to eat them on top of roasted seaweed snacks with sriracha. I put the seaweed snacks in a bowl, drizzle sriracha or another hot sauce like Truff or Hank (or sometimes even just parmesan cheese) over the seaweed. I then wilt the seaweed snacks with hot water, add the drained sardines, mix it up and enjoy. When I first started doing this, my concoction included a hotter sauce (Tobasco's extremely hot "Scorpion" formula) drizzled over the seaweed, followed by that purely delicious and super rich Arroy-D coconut milk, then the hot water and then the sardines. The coconut milk mellowed out the hotness of that super hot sauce without masking it's flavor. I know this creation probably wouldn't work with your challenge, but I'm just sharing anyway. I've been enjoying my bowl of seaweed and sardines everyday for many years –and sometimes I crave it so hard, I will have 2 bowls of it in one day!

    Good luck with your challenge, Nili! I'm drooling over here! lol

  9. D R
    D R says:

    Hi Nili. Personally, I'm a fan of King Oscar Kipper Snacks but I have never done them for weight loss. I like to just barely crack the container and drain them. It seems to get most of the oil off of them that way.

  10. K R
    K R says:

    I am getting ready to do my second challenge. I have the Costco ones but they are so boring. I found I prefer the skin and bones. I like Fresh Thyme brand in Spring water. They are inexpensive, simple and clean and I can add what I want. I tend to put mustard, hot sauce, EVO, and lemon. They are really good with capers, and I have even fried them. Mix it up with some mackerel and herring. I had blood work done in the middle of my first sardine fast and my ketones were off the chart, I was blown away.

  11. Cindy Demanche
    Cindy Demanche says:

    I have not done this challenge, I cannot bring myself to do that. I could do tuna fish or even salmon, but nope to sardines….lol You are a brave lady! ❤❤
    Hope you are feeling better too!

  12. Cyndi Petray
    Cyndi Petray says:

    I have always loved sardines but when I tried the challenge, they gave me terrible heartburn from the first can. I never get heartburn. The last time I opened a can, I put them in a pan to heat up and did not have heartburn.

  13. Marty Raaymakers
    Marty Raaymakers says:

    Hey Nili, it makes me ill. I am not sure why yet. Some said it was too much oil but i often take a lot and cut some of my other oil back. It may be an unexpected spice that the amount is so miniscule… enjoy the fast. I can do fresh better 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Richard Daken
    Richard Daken says:

    The olive oil ruins the whole experiment for me 👎 the difference could be night and day,…… And yes I speak from experience 👍🤗🙏✌️….. Do as you will…,. But that small difference really honestly can be night and day😊


  15. SK Steffy
    SK Steffy says:

    I really want to try this but I get nauseated just watching your video. I hate any kind of fish and I’m afraid I would not be able to even get them in my mouth without barfing. There are some good ideas in the comments, maybe frying them or air fryer so they are crispy…I might be able to gag that down.. not sure it’s worth it for me😣

  16. Patti Shanks
    Patti Shanks says:

    While I haven’t done the challenge, I do now eat a can of sardines 2-3 times a week- thanks to Anita! I much prefer the ones in spring water. Maybe someday I’ll do the actual challenge.

  17. Matthias Lenardt
    Matthias Lenardt says:

    Hi Nili,
    thanks for sharing your sardine challenge. Interesting how people react differently.
    I started yesterday, for the first time, and I find it super exciting. Sardines taste good for me and I think I can make it some weeks. Let's see, my body decides.
    I only make it as a test. I want to collect data on this 'fast'.
    Much love 💕
    Matthias 👋

  18. Paula Berlund
    Paula Berlund says:

    I do the sardine challenge ALL THE TIME. it always works and Im never hubgry eating tgem. So in a 72 hour period I eat 3 tins. I always loose weight, my ketones range from 5- 7.4 and blood sugars in the 60-70 range. I'm a fan of this because it works for me. ❤🎉


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