😋 Fried Stuffed Tofu: The PERFECT SNACK! (炸豆腐角)

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Watch Daddy Lau teach us how to make Fried Stuffed tofu. It’s a crispy and golden brown treat from his own childhood that you …

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  1. Tenshi Artii
    Tenshi Artii says:

    Ah man, Loving this recipe! I always get excited to watch whenever you drop a new recipe!

    We make tofu like this in a similar way at home. Except it is not in a singular dish like this one. But we add it in our ‘Bakso’

    Basically it is chicken soup with meatballs, Radish, mushroom, chicken pieces and spring onions. We add our tofu into the soup, so it is cooked within the soup, instead of being fried. Serve this stew over a bowl of rice vermicelli, sprinkle some fried shallots on top, and that’s our home-made Bakso!

  2. WinnielyGamer
    WinnielyGamer says:

    Chinese are huge on herbs!! And I learn so much from your dad! I was wondering … if you guys could cover cooking w Chinese herbs (ie soups etc). Like black chicken herbal soup etc

  3. Bo Lee
    Bo Lee says:

    While watching the video, I often contemplate how American-born Chinese individuals have a knack for leveraging their Chinese heritage while embracing their American identity. During my high school years, I encountered some individuals from this group who would mock me as a FOB (Fresh Off the Boat), yet paradoxically, they frequented boba shops like Tea Station after school. Personally, I believe it would be fair for the son in the video to cease exploiting his father and instead try his hand at preparing some American cuisine.

  4. Meelee Tee
    Meelee Tee says:

    I love how your dad cut and slice with his cleaver. It must be sharpened often. I have been watching your YouTube for sometimes now. Your is great and love to see your family grow.

  5. XGundamX
    XGundamX says:

    Still remembered my grandpa making his own fishballs from scratch and smashing the fish meat with a cleaver as shown. My grandma would be annoyed as we would have to clean the mess he made everytime he smashes it 😅 Great memories!


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