💚THIS is what I eat to keep my blood sugar stable

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  1. @risasklutteredkitchen1293
    @risasklutteredkitchen1293 says:

    I just loved how you confused the names as my hubby does that all the time – he always says my name when he means our son! I do it all the time too – same thing – I say Trevor when I mean Steve! Or the opposite. Also loved Levi’s banana love. Two bananas a day is part of his good diet! You have been amazing when it comes to eating – most kids eat a lot of crap. I unfortunately did not teach my son well even though he doesn’t see me eat a lot of it. Because you eat differently from most of the country, they have learned what is healthy and what is not. I wish my son (who is now 28) would eat better. He is neuro-divergent and has texture and flavor issues and doesn’t like all the healthier stuff I cook or have on-hand. You are lucky that all your children are healthier mentally too.

  2. @amy11228
    @amy11228 says:

    Something I've noticed with my Dexcom G6 CGM is during exercise and showering, it's not accurate. It will show a spike, but when I track my glucose every 5 mins with a fingerstick, it never changes. Same thing with temperature changes. If I go from air conditioned space outside into the heat, it will show a spike, but when I actually check it with my glucometer, there is no spike. I've worn a CGM for 18 months now (I use the Levels Health program) and the inaccuracies of the thing are annoying.

  3. @theyareherewithus2944
    @theyareherewithus2944 says:

    If you have SIBO problems, you may want to rethink the chocolate peanut butter powder as both are high in oxalates, which can be the underlying problem with gut permeability. Also if you’re leaning keto/carnivore, which I like too, your SIBO might be caused by oxalate dumping.


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