🎄Vlogmas Day 5! Instant Pot Whole Chicken | Baking Cinnamon Rolls | Homemaker Mom Life

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Hi friends! Welcome to VLOGMAS 2020! I am SO excited to be doing Vlogmas this year. EVERY DAY in the month of December there will be a video up on my …

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  1. Memories Embraced
    Memories Embraced says:

    Definitely an FYI I was always told not to put raw chicken especially on wood cutting boards because they harbor the bacteria for so long. I think I also learned from food network not sure. But I just don't want anyone getting sick from next use. I guess no matter how much we clean it they never truly get cleaned😖

  2. Hope Comer
    Hope Comer says:

    My son and I loved this read aloud The Cricket in Times Square! We were sad when it ended. Have you guys read any of the other ones in the series? Thinking of getting the others. 💞

  3. Johnny Canales
    Johnny Canales says:

    I’m sitting here folding laundry and just loving these precious videos. You really are an inspirational mother. What wonderful memories your kids will have of growing up in a house filled with love and the simple things of life. Thanks again! 😃❤️🎄

  4. Ginger Smith
    Ginger Smith says:

    Enjoying your videos. Love your home. It’s inviting, warm, and happy from my view.
    I love wearing Christmas pins and earrings too. Most of mine are vintage since I’m a grandma (Mimi). 😂 I love vintage stuff too. Enjoy when you go to the thrift stores. That’s my self care time. Just browsing the thrift stores.😉 Merry Christmas and God bless your sweet family. 🎄

  5. Daretta Black
    Daretta Black says:

    Oh my goodness…..why would you do that to anybody showing those wonderful looking cinnamon rolls….mouthwatering looking cinnamon rolls😁😋🤤. I have the instant pot and I love,it my son bought it for me two years ago for Christmas, it looks like yours. Such a wonderful looking chicken too 😋. Great video I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, God bless……..🎄💞😊🎄


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