🍖Did you know about this way to get DEALS on meat in bulk?? **VLOG**

🍖Did you know about this way to get DEALS on meat in bulk?? **VLOG**

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  1. Brenda Bergstrom-Graf
    Brenda Bergstrom-Graf says:

    They use to be called Cash and Carry. They closed during Covid.
    I just went the other day and definitely will be bringing a coat next time. Spent a lot of time in the fridge.
    I skipped out on the heavy cream it had too many additives.

  2. Rita Marth
    Rita Marth says:

    I shop there for all my meat. I buy the eye of round like you do and make my jerky/crisps. Also buy top round and cut up into roast, steaks, make hamburger meat and some beef jerky.
    Dont have room for half beef.

  3. Laurie Carlson
    Laurie Carlson says:

    I am so happy you shared with us your OLD dish towels! I feel SO much better! Lol! I also heavily rely on mine, and mine look the same! I felt I was probably the only person who had anything that looked as if they were falling apart! I'm NOT alone!!! Yay!!! Lol!!!
    We are moving into a new manufactured house we are buying!!! It'lll be here in 7 to 10 weeks, and the 'color' of NEW dish cloths is escaping me! I cannot decide! I'm waiting to buy new until we move in and I decide what I want! I need so many new things! Bath towels, sheets, again, dish towels, and so much more! I'm also thinking it's better to wait and buy them later after we move so I don't have to move them, also! So, that is my decision! I'm waiting until we move in and I get a good feel for the colors I want for everything 'new' I need to replace! It's exciting, yes!
    Thank you, again, Nili! I loved the entire video, as always!

  4. Michael Iban
    Michael Iban says:

    I'm a completely fat-adapted carnivore who has been partnering with a local rancher for a half-share twice a year. Since I don't eat anything else but meat, I haven't seen the inside of a supermarket in over 2-1/2 yrs.


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