🌷((NEW!!)) 5 DIY DOLLAR TREE DECOR CRAFTS🌷Olivia’s Romantic Home DIY

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  1. Ann Homer
    Ann Homer says:

    Fabulous ideas today!!! My favorite cake is cheesecake! We have a bakery right downtown! Caramel with pecans is my favorite!!! It’s a Texas tradition!!!!

  2. Teresa Owens
    Teresa Owens says:

    Hi Olivia, great video. You are always so so fun to watch. My favorite cake is Vanille and Coconut. I'm not a big chocolate fan. We have 4 little terrier fur babies. They love watching TV. When we go out we always leave the TV on for them. Have a Blessed Weekend.

  3. Carmen M Peraza
    Carmen M Peraza says:

    I really enjoyed your video, making such bearitiful French inspired decorations for your daughter's room. They are all gorgeous.
    I am Puerto Rican and my favorite dessert to make and enjoy is the " flancocho." It is a combination of flan and cake, absolutely delicious. Every time we go to a get-together, that is the one dish I am always asked to take…

  4. Christine Ehleringer
    Christine Ehleringer says:

    Love it all- such great ideas ‘on a budget’!
    Where are you at- note the country accent- I’m a Nurse of 20 yrs born and raised in FL ❤!

    ** Love Hobby Lobby and will be moving into a small studio for myself -as my 1 Dtr just graduated HS the other night! 😮

  5. Karma Lee Dyck
    Karma Lee Dyck says:

    Hi there I love double chocolate cakes with chocolate moose…I love this dyi..i watch a few people and I do try to make dyi all the the time, but I do not sure on any social media. If I did make something and someone ask to see I would show them of course.

  6. Cindy aa
    Cindy aa says:

    Hi Olivia – love your DIYs – hopefully I get the chance/motivation to recreate some of them 😊 I don’t know if you would consider this a fancy desert but I love Key Lime pie – I try to get it if I see on the menu of a restaurant because it seems each place makes it slightly different.

  7. Cathy Frailey
    Cathy Frailey says:

    I'll be 59 on 2 June so I'll be hurtling into a new season for sure next year! Our kids are 33 and soon-to-be 38. Our son will be retiring from the Air Force next year – yes, I feel old! But we have our health, our elderly Labrador, Buster, and our church family. I'm the DIYer of our ladies at church and we have fellowships where I've directed them in doing a craft. God's given me that gift and one of hospitality so I have fellowships at my home with food, fun, and fellowship. Thank you for your uplifting message and beautiful projects 💜

  8. Cynthia Russell
    Cynthia Russell says:

    Hi O..I l8ve all things Paris as well..I dated mostly Italian and I loce cannoli cakescand cookies..my local diner has cannoli Belgian waffles..love your new hair and im glad to see you up and back in the saddle again 😊

  9. cassandra dagati
    cassandra dagati says:

    I love the simplicity of Angel food cake. You can spruce it up ao many ways or just enjoy as is. Also love the paris theme! I did that for my daughter a couple years ago but when we moved she changed it to a fairy theme.❤

  10. Nicole Melissa
    Nicole Melissa says:

    I love to do carrot cake with layers of yummy cream cheese homemade icing and it may not be glamorous but it's my spouses favorite and there isn't a better feeling in the world then your desert putting a smile on their face. My Bassett hounds used to watch TV with me but I am dog free now …. And missing it. My children are in heaven so I find watching YouTubers who are craft passionate like me which is why I enjoy watching you, God Bless you you're amazing 😊❤🙏


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