🌱 Self Sufficiency in an Urban Backyard Garden (Tour)👩‍🌾

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  1. Gothic Dragonfly
    Gothic Dragonfly says:

    Omg I have been anxiously waiting for this video and I am in love with this video! You have such an amazing, huge, and beautiful garden and so lush looking as a background in your talking shots. Love the kids part of the garden that's smart!

  2. Samalamabama
    Samalamabama says:

    my theory with the tomato pruning is it's more useful in the south where they have a much much longer growing season, and they get a lot of rot and pests, it's mostly for airflow I think

  3. Leena ward
    Leena ward says:

    I love the methods you use! This is seriously my goals. Permaculture, no till, companion planting, natives…amazing!
    Here in the US there's no telling if my husband and I will ever own a home, but I'm trying to grow herbs in the window sil for now!

  4. Anna Kiss
    Anna Kiss says:

    Incredible! So beautiful and productive, and SO much work, my mind is blown how you have been able to do this with 3 kids and a chronic illness!!! Have you thought of growing sweet potatoes? I live in a similar climate and they grew so well last year (this year Im not having a garden due to moving) and were really low maintenance.
    Congratulations! 💪💚

  5. jayathome
    jayathome says:

    So awesome! My tomato plants this year are struggling with blossom end rot from all the early rain. Tons of fruit but very very slow ripening. Are you finding the same? I’m in Essex county. Awesome tour!

  6. Jacalli
    Jacalli says:

    Everything looks healthy, so exciting to preserve that for this winter. I'm coming down your way to visit a friend in Comber next week, haven't been in 3 yrs. You've put so much work in to the garden, it really shows.

  7. Xerriasorsw
    Xerriasorsw says:

    I looove you and what you do you have inspired me so much. I wish I could find those comfy sports bras like you have ;-; I want some like that for the summer.
    I have to be in an apartment but luckily am able to have a small garden. this year, echinacea volunteered…. which is awesome and kind of crazy! Thats perrenial! On the year I wanted to do more flowers (but largely failed) too.
    A lot of what has done best os what seeded itself from the prior year. All my best lettuce, I didn't plant. The seeds just decided when and where they will do best and popped up there… I take so much inspiration from you, I hope I can play with your methods and experience along with what I'vw learned when I can have some land of my own to work with

  8. Ky Richfield
    Ky Richfield says:

    I think its more climate dependant with tomatoes honestly. to me the purpose of pruning them is because I live in a humid climate that never freezes and having more airflow helps prevent disease which can be pretty prevalent.

  9. Zimmerchild
    Zimmerchild says:

    You give me so many ideas and inspiration for my own garden. I enjoy watching your videos so much, they help me feel better about how I'm doing with my goals and garden. I didn't get mine going this year due to illness but I'm doing other things to prepare for next year. Thank you so much for your videos! 💜🔮🌱🐾

  10. Jessica R
    Jessica R says:

    And seriously, if I was local, I'd totally buy produce from you if you sold it! You're like the Canadian version of the family in Pasadena California who took their tenth of an acre and converted it like you did with your yard

  11. Jessica Gibson
    Jessica Gibson says:

    I have to get tested for the 2 ticks Deases. yayay. Your garden is beautiful. I have a rat problem at my house, and they get to everything. But just found out that we now have a bob cat near us so hopefully itll eat them. Also we have a hawk. I'm in Fl 9a.. I dont wanna share with the Rats tho. But the rabbits maybe lol

  12. One Mama To Another
    One Mama To Another says:

    Your garden is just so amazing! Which direction does your garden face? How wide are your rows and how much space did you leave in between them? What do you use as a water source? Well, rainwater, city supply?

  13. casey scott
    casey scott says:

    HUCKLEBERRIES?!?! How? Where can I find some around GTA? I would absolutely love to get some going in my garden next year. I think the wild ones I am used to on the west coast are a different variety, but I am desperate to enjoy some huckleberries again. Core childhood memories!


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