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In today’s new 4 hours large family freezer cooking video, I’m sharing big batch cooking over 30 lbs of ground beef, bulk cooking tons of french toast and french …
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  1. Jackson Belt
    Jackson Belt says:

    Hi jamerrill I’m speaking for my mum she loves watching your videos and she also does monthly meal plans to save money so she says thank you from the bottom of her heart and she says god bless you

  2. Jennifer Hall
    Jennifer Hall says:

    My mom passed 2yrs ago in nov and u remind me so much of her iv been binge watching your videos. Thanku so much. I think its your vibe bc mom didnt have a large family and never really froze anything.

  3. Jennifer Decker
    Jennifer Decker says:

    I love your videos! We're a family of 5 with 3 kids under 4. Our two boys in 15 months apart and the youngest just turned 5 months. I just randomly found your videos one day and I love them! Definitely has helped me save more food and save money. Thank you! 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Diane Choate
    Diane Choate says:

    Jammerill, you never disappoint me. Great ideas. You train your kids to help because, let's just say, it's FUN at their ages. They will thank you one day. Love your ideas. French toast and your sausage mcmuffins. I will try those myself…

  5. Eileen Killen
    Eileen Killen says:

    Binge watching the Stewart family life vlogs, and they are giving me life. Blessings to you all, can't wait to see the road trip that u are currently taking!!! 💐🌻💋😇🤗☘💗

  6. Erdnussbuttertoast
    Erdnussbuttertoast says:

    Jamerill, you should think about investing in silicone muffin forms (for the cornbread muffins)! They're more economical because you won't have to keep rebuying them, and better for the environment, as you won't have to throw them away after one use 🙂

  7. JesusIsLoveTR
    JesusIsLoveTR says:

    I love your insta-pot dump meal bags. I just wish I knew about simplified cooking years ago. Now my family is much too spoiled, having things perfectly seared, roasted, stir-fried, braised or grilled the “mom chef” way. They would probably look at me cross-eyed if I gave them a freezer crock pot meal or something that looks as if it’s been boiled without browning first. Your food looks great to me! 🤩

    I love my high maintenance bunch though.☺️❤️ Hubby NEVER complains. So I’ll just continue to dream bc I love to watch you freezer cook like the mystical unicorn fairytale mama that you are! ✨🦄🧚‍♂️ 🌈💞 Blessings!

  8. peaceful inspirations
    peaceful inspirations says:

    Love the corn dog muffins. I have cheddar kielbasa I may slice and put in them. That will be a quick lunch for my hubby to grab and heat. Some coleslaw on the side and a cookie makes lunch. thank again. Praying with you for your family member. been there. blessings.

  9. Joanna Rakoski
    Joanna Rakoski says:

    Um let’s stop for a second and gasp at that GORGEOUS dress! Thanks for that cornbread idea – think I might try that for our small ( 2 under 2 and one on the way!) but growing family.

  10. andria blue
    andria blue says:

    For ur salsa chicken if u add a bit of: plain tomato sauce
    White vinegar ( any other type will just seem OFF for some reaaon in this application)
    Garlic powder
    Cook till meat shreds = my moms taco's 😆
    My Mexican & Spanish/French grandmother HAD to show my mom how to make these for my dad. THEY'RE AMAZING! Oh and try adding bacon grease to refried beans next time u make them. You will HONESTLY NEVER wanna eat beans wo ever again! It really IS that good. Bacon grease lasts a LONG time and this is an excellent use of it.
    Prayers for ur familys healing during this time of loss.😇


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